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green_villages.png Frostagon
2015-01-17 18.55.34.png

Cinematic view of Frostagon's sign.

Founder Anna_28 and Chewy27_
Contributors Pieapple42 and anyone who has a house there.
Category Villages
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? With permission from Anna_28 or Chewy27_
Road link? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes (Mushiana route)
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-20
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Frostagon is a town founded by Anna_28 and Chewy27_ which is made from a natural ice spike biome. This biome was the first ice spike biome to be generated on MinecraftOnline, and until a later expansion, it was the only ice spike biome on the server. The insides of most of the small ice spikes there have been converted into houses and the tall ice spikes into towers with a beacon going up though each one into the sky. As a side effect of the houses being made from ice you often slide around inside them. Each and every house at Frostagon is also unique (though they look pretty similar from the outside).

Building a house

If you would like to make a house here out of one of the spikes please ask Chewy or Anna first. Try be creative with the ice spikes and use mainly ice and white stained glass (at least on the outside).

Collecting Ice

If you want some of the packed ice from this biome, please don't mine the ice as you may break a house. You can ask Anna nicely and she will give you some or show you how to collect it.

Central Dome

Occidental Express

Frostagon is connected to the Freedonia Railway System and can be reached from spawn using the Occidental ticket and /st frostagon, or on the Occidental line using that command.

The Frostagon Railway Station has information about the railway line and how to use it. It also has a public snow gen where players can harvest snow layer made by snow golems.

Animal Farms

Public animal farms for people in need of materials or food. Animals will respawn when killed.

Notice Board

Events and announcements for Frostagon.


Not yet completed

Dr. Who episode Midnight

Midnight planet on Dr Who

Frostagon is based on a Dr. Who episode called midnight. In that episode there is a planet made from diamonds with spikes and crystals similar to the ones at Frostagon. Doctor Who Midnight wikipage:

Player builds in the town

  • Chewy's tower, one of the many tall ice spike towers with great views.
  • Lac's Hut, a small hut with a wooden floor (one of the few houses that you don't slide around in) and decorations.
  • ardoom1's cobble pillar of "don't touch this it's grief" placed at Frostagon after ardoom had mined a lot of the ice spikes after being asked nicely to not do so. Even when he was offered a large amount of ice. There is still many holes to be filled where ice spikes once were.
  • thesprazzzler's ice house. A small ice house from the outside but with many rooms underground, also with a nice flag on top and easy to spot.
  • Crystal Cavern. A partly natural underground ice and snow cavern, which was then modified by La_Peep and Anna_28 with a added ice rink.
  • Anna's upside down spike. A Ice Spike on the bottom of a overhang so it is upside down, has great views from the windows as it is above most spikes.
  • Draco297's ice castle with blue and red stained glass windows.
  • nambortex's spikes, with underground rooms and normal ice windows.
  • tylergz's ice spike with a diamond block on top and stairs to underground sections.