Great Northern Highway

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Great Northern Highway
Route Number (FUSS) GN.png Great Northern Highway
Maintained by Freedonia Railway Co., Shypixel
Name(s) Underworld Highway, ForbiddenOutpost Highway, AmpCity Highway, Old West Highway
Completed Unknown
East End OH.png Occidental Highway

OR.png Oriental Highway

Junctions Spawn Farms

W1C.png W1 Connector


W1.png AmpCity Highway, DrumCity Highway

W2.png Central Highway

W3.pngFD5.png Anubis Highway

Shoretown Road (Stairs)

Melonopolis Road


CJCity Road

CJBender Towers Drive

Greenville Road



W1.png AmpCity Highway

W15.png Port Dome Road

Nexusloopoutershield.png Nexus Loop Outer (lift)

Floatania Highway

CoffeeTowne Road

West End Old West-Border
World Region West
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The Great Northern Highway is a series of large, elevated roads stretching from Spawn to the Old West Border. It is several thousand blocks in length, and passes through and connects to many large settlements. The route follows the Great Northern Line of the Freedonia Railway System; the "highway" refers to the walkable path along the Northern Line's length. It has been designated by the Freedonia Road Co. as the Great Northern Highway, abbreviated to GN on maps and signage.