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The wiki has some useful things to cut out formats within the page. To use each template, surround the template code with {{ }}, or use the Insert > Template function on the Visual Editor.



Use this template when:

  • The page is incomplete
  • The page needs further information

Place {{stub}} on top of the page or on a section that is incomplete. Wiki editors are recommended to fill in known information as much as possible.


Use this template when the article has poor grammar.


A [dubious] tag can be placed right next to a word or unknown fact without proper evidence. Such information should be double-checked.


An [unconfirmed] tag can be placed next to a word or unknown fact that has no evidence and needs to be double-checked.


When an article or a section is filled with biased, single-person-viewed information, it can be marked as an article from a single person’s POV (Point of View). Such sections should be rewritten to third-person viewed information or be deleted as a whole. In some cases, those pages may risk deletion for vandalism or irrelevance of the wiki.

  • Single-person viewed writing is default in User pages or discussions in Talk pages, and as such, this template should not be used there, even if another user has written some parts of the page.


  • Not to be confused with the image function that is MediaWiki’s default feature

Pages with no image on the infobox (specifically those with image404.png) have a message next to them. Wiki editors can provide the necessary images for these pages.

In other cases when an image is of poor quality and needs improvement, the {{Image}} template is used. Place better images in replacement (or update the original file).

Page decoration


Use this to note to readers that a separate article has the information.


Use this to note to readers that a separate article has more information than on the page.



A useful template to display an in-game map without uploading files to the wiki. Map data is directly fetched from the server.


Nexus Central

This template functions similarly to the one in the infobox building/settlement. Fill in the required information and it will generate a map link.

User rhyzofan

To create a link to this page’s creator, use {{user|rhyzofan}}. Either the player name or UUID will work.

AlisedUser Rhyzo

You can also have a different display name with the same type of template.


Check this page further or visit the category page to find more stylised templates.
  • Inside the Togglebox can have text like this!
    • This is not a style template, unfortunately.

Togglebox is a fancy way of making header and body text. What you put in header will directly be the section header.

Fancy quoteblock

Never gonna give you up
Rick Astley

A fancy way of writing quotes. StolenImported from a random fandom wiki.

Page type


An ongoing event can have this template with {{Event}} to note to readers that it is underway and the page will be edited during or after the event.


Contents that were available outside of Freedonia are external content and have {{External}} on top of the page. Such location will not be marked on the map.


Builds that previously existed in Freedonia but are removed are removed contents and have {{Removed}} on top of the page. Such location will not be marked on the map. Not all removed locations are wiped off from the wiki to preserve history.


Features that were previously available in Freedonia but are removed are legacy contents and have {{Legacy}} on top of the page. Legacy contents are not wiped off from the wiki to preserve history.


If for any reason the page or file is no longer in use or considered unworthy on the wiki, those can be flagged as AFD (Articles for Deletion). Wiki admins will check for such pages regularly.

To use this, replace the whole page with {{afd}}. To add a reason to it, use {{afd|reason=<optional reason>}}.


These templates are not guaranteed to work especially on Visual Editor. You may also need CSS techniques or other necessary skills for these to work.


This template allows boat routes to appear on the live map. Pages using this template MUST follow the guidance provided on the template page.


Not fully implemented at the moment
This template allows railway routes to appear on the live map. Pages using this template MUST follow the guidance provided on the template page.

Custom Ambox

If you are a skilled coder, the custom Ambox is a way to make your own tiny or large box to place. This is the source of all the tiny boxes, though this by itself is not meant to be used on a page.



Create a link to the target template page with a template. Template with a template, not confusing at all.


Roundy Tables
Provided by Corrected by Tested by Flamehaze97 Microcosms rhyzofan

Make tables round. Depending on where and how many corners to make round, the template to use changes. This sample table rounds the bottom two corners.

Yes and No

Breaking Bedrock
Creative Mode? Survival Mode
Yes No

{{Yes}} and {{No}} templates can be used in tables. No need to insert colour formats.

Correct title

An article link may be altered by MediaWiki for technical reasons, though this rarely happens.

lowercase title

Wikipedia allows lowercase-titled articles. Refer to this article.

Useful Links

  • Category:InfoBoxes
  • Category:Style templates
  • If you cannot find what you are looking for, this special page may have them.
    • Note that many templates are stolen from Wikipedia or directly imported from MediaWiki, - mostly corrupt - therefore it is recommended to leave them alone.
    • Templates that are attached to respective categories may not show up on the above links.