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User rhyzofan

Eevee humanised

Known as rhyzo, eevee
Gender Male
Location Kobe, Japan
Nationality Japanese
DOB -01-19
Occupation trainspotter, being silly.
In Freedonia
First joined 29 March 2017
First building house @ Georgetown
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ** Donor II
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< Darkerfly> rhy is cool

rhyzofan is a Japanese-English bilingual user, who is eager to find other Japanese players. He has a humanised Pokemon skin of Eevee, an Evolution Pokemon, with light blue eyes, hidden wear under the jackets.

Don't let Eevee fear....

When Rhyzo is online, he may be exploring vast places of Freedonia, improve his builds, or communicate with others, bilingually perhaps.

More about me

The account was officially registered on 13 February '21, nearly 4 years after joining for the first time.

<rhyzofan> somehow I didn't register for 3 years hmm

After multiple recommendations, I accepted the offer from AlphaAlex115 to become a moderator on 22nd of October, even if this is a temporary position as I can be busy at times. I'd like to appreciate the welcome messages, and to Erttum and bawest for the donations in my name.

The nature of my speaking includes me, literally, being an Eevee, as seen in Pokémon. This caused some people to call me Eevee.

I don’t really mind people calling me “she” - I’m too used to it.

As I play through, I met some Japanese who come at the chaotic moment of MCO on the 1st of April.

<> 聞いてた話と違うw [(this is) not what I heard of lol]
<rhyzofan> 本来はこのサーバ、プロテクションがあるんですけど仮のサーバーだから荒らしがひどいです [Usually, MCO has protection but this is a temporary server and violent griefing is occurring]

You may see me speak (to) Japanese. It's amazing to see that the server is featured in Japan, since Minecraft itself has been highly popular ever since Beta. Although Japanese can't speak English much... I hope for their best to live in Freedonia.

  • My works are listed in my Trello “MinecraftOnline project lists” or here.
  • Substitute bases’ property depends per town guides. Check this Trello card or each town for details.

Silly & dumb moments

this is only to make fun of silly evui

< rhyzofan> why am i always being watched by so many mods o_o
< BlueBlaziken> we seek every name and skin change you make
unknown.png [04/8/'21 when techkid7 was caged]
< rhyzofan>[interrogating a player] anyways, you broke 4 roads [torches] along the road, why?
< rhyzofan> huh... why do i feel like something's stuck in my heart..?
< Darkerfly> rhy is doki doki right now
< 51m0n55> rhyzofan [literally dismissed oop]
< RainBd> maybe you uhh
< RainBd> you need a hug! :D
< rhyzofan> vui..?
* ***RainBd hugs rhyzofan to make her feel better
< runarlogi> why is everybody call rhyz a girl
< AdoreKitten> eevee is japanese dude lol
< RainBd> oh-
< RainBd> well whoops
< rhyzofan> well, i don't really mind being called as girl
< AdoreKitten> rain it is alright :3
< RainBd> aww thx
< rhyzofan> im too used to it lol
< runarlogi> silly rhyz :D
< RainBd> oh haha- sorry to hear that. am sorryyy
< runarlogi> rain its ok
< rhyzofan> it's fine
< RainBd> ah alright

< rhyzofan> and uh anyways, who called me..?
< rhyzofan> astwdw
< rhyzofan> oops
< bucketsofwasps> rhyzo dont speak with that language in this house!
< rhyzofan> oop
< Daltalf> XD TurtleCobra: silly rhyz Filip0706 & Daltalf: silly rhyzo AdoreKitten & runarlogi: silly eevee eevee_27 vuuu... [>o<] TurtleCobra oh no