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User rhyzofan

Eevee (humanised)

Known as rhyzo, eevee
Gender Male
Location Kobe, Japan
Nationality Japanese
DOB -01-19
In Freedonia
First joined 29 March 2017
First building base @ Georgetown
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donated
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< Darkerfly> rhy is cool

rhyzofan (or evuyxrhyz_) is a Japanese-English bilingual user, who is eager to find other Japanese players. He has a humanised Pokemon skin of Eevee, an Evolution Pokemon, with light blue eyes; hidden summer suit under the jackets.

Any inquiries with my things or Japanese help? Let me know in Discord, ingame, and Twitter. (Lapis comes in there.)

Find more about me on my Trello.

Don't let Eevee fear....

I don’t mind being called ‘she’ since the Eevee in my on-progress novel is female - not the same in McO. thank you kaiza, i don’t regret it

My days in MinecraftOnline

The account was officially registered on 13 February '21 13:04JST, nearly 4 years after joining for the first time.

<rhyzofan> somehow I didn't register for 3 years hmm

When I am open, I may be exploring vast places of Freedonia or improve my builds, and perhaps, communicate with others, bilingually. Just for fun times.

After multiple recommendations, I finally accepted the offer from AlphaAlex115 to become a moderator on 22nd of October, even if this is a permanent position as I can be busy at times. I'd like to appreciate the welcome messages, and to Erttum for the donation in name of me.

Diamond rank purchase was done on 23 November but that's a kit level, not donor level.

With other people

27th of March, I already noticed the existence of Leafeon, and as Eevee.... I was curious, about who it is. I asked it on Discord.

<rhyzofan/らい> i saw leafeon yesterday just once and i, well, kinda want to get close....

Some people said Leah was Leafeon, but before I could deny it...

<runarlogi> oh somebody summon leafeon
<leafeon> who did sumon me

....I, had to.

<rhyzofan/らい> vu?

I knew... I was weird in a way that "i just really feel myself as eevee and talk with some people....". I hopped into DMs with leafeon on Discord..... He said I wasn't.

I, couldn't express my feeling. I was more than happy to talk with someone ever; one of my best memories. He also revealed that Leafeon is indeed runarlogi. Friendly relation is always kept.

Meanwhile, as I play through, I met some Japanese who come at the chaotic moment of MCO on the 1st of April.

聞いてた話と違うw [(this is) not what I heard of lol]
<rhyzofan> 本来はこのサーバ、プロテクションがあるんですけど仮のサーバーだから荒らしがひどいです [Usually, MCO has protection but this server is temporary and violent griefing is occurring]

I regularly see Japanese come to MCO, and you may see me speak Japanese constantly. It's amazing to see that the server is featured in Japan, since Minecraft itself has been highly popular ever since Beta. Although Japanese can't speak English much... I hope for their best to live in Freedonia.

My works

Full list of my projects are in my Trello “MinecraftOnline project lists”.

Main area

  • Sand coast (based on ria) & watchtowers
    Sand coast near the main base
  • Y255 Tree tower
  • Main base

Medium wooden building with furnitures and enchants.

  • Y10 Underground Zone

After the deep branchmining, this place is now a sheep farm, with somehow a cow and a pig.

I hope Azi isn’t depressed at what I did as a result.... A small area to rest.

  • Runar’s house

Definitely not the size of a cottage.

rhyzo’s substitute bases

First completed project. The Attic features the hideout in case of skeleton horses creeping you.

Where me, runar and Turtle often stay at during my visit to Pallet town. 3 cats and a tamed skeleton horse stay in there.

Coop projects

  • FRC Route W90

First large scale project, which connects Nexus SW (via NLO) and NewVenice, perhaps longer soon. Me and the FRC owns the whole route.

Branch to Daltalf’s town Mons Albus is at the desert zone.

Where small ideas become big secretly. Fun fact: The name was decided within DMs with runar.

Notes and notes

All of my builds are currently shown on above and my Trello. Maintained area is specified by torches and signs.

Substitute bases’ property depends per town guides. Check this Trello card for details.

- rhyzo