Logdon Station

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blue_railwaystations.png Logdon Station
Logdon Station (Outside).png

Station Entrance

Owner getplayerhead.sh?diamond_golum&16.png diamond_golum
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Anna_28&16.png Anna_28
Station Code Logdon
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-3689
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Logdon
Map Link

Logdon Station is an Railway Station located on the Freedonia Railway System Great Northern Line in Logdon

Station Structure

The station was built in the air slightly over the Main Line Tracks, the station was only composed with an corridor and 2 bi-directional tracks for departures and arrivals in both directions

The station is located close to the CJ Bender's Town with his Greenville Railroad station. So you can change here for reaching the North-West Nexus with this network


List of services available at Logdon Station:

  • Manual Launch with redstone booster tracks
  • Public Minecart Chests
  • Public Crafting Table
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