Numington Town

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green_towns.png Numington Town
Numington Town.png

A small town, floating over the ocean.

Founder Cpt_Waterbubble
Contributors IvanLeshev
Category Towns
Underground? no
Fortified? no
Public access? yes
Public build? no
Size north to south variable, expanding .m
Size west to east variable, expanding .m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-8615
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

A small town, founded by Cpt_Waterbubble, currently being run by IvanLeshev.

Numington Town is one of the few towns that were built Based on a grid system. All houses, except for the "Mayors mansion" (The house of Cpt_Waterbubble) were built on a grid, consisting of an assortment of 9x9 platforms. These platforms were built by the town staff and make the town look like a small museum of building styles.

A feature that should be mentioned is the town's own, 12-Spawner Xp grinder, wich was also constructed by the town staff, and contains an enchanting room as well as an anvil, an enderchest and an automatic item collection system. All mobs inside the grinder first fall down a long tube, Making them easy to kill with one hit, and then land in a small chamber, in wich they can be killed through a slit in the wall.

In the center of the town lies the "Chillout Lounge", a massive 19x19 wood platform, in wich players are (mostly) safe, due to the resistance and regen beacon in the center of the platform, and can "sit" down on some wooden "sofas".

Another smaller feature is, that the town has a tunnel and soon-to-be ice road to and from the Forrrest warp and Snaketown.


Before Ivan

When Cpt_Waterbubble created his town, the town staff had to invite players here.

The town was empty, but, that was before IvanLeshev decided to come to the Forrrest.

Story of Two Players

Ivan was amazed by the Forrrest. He decided to go to the edge of the Forrrest.

When he finally got to the edge of the Forrrest, Ivan met Cpt_Waterbubble.

Ivan liked his town and deciced to settle with him. Cpt_Waterbubble and IvanLeshev became friends, and Cpt_Waterbubble decided to make him secondary mayor.


Shortly after Ivan joined, the town was quickly getting a lot more inhabitants. And the town was expanding fast.

Many more house-platforms were built,a lot of progress was made, and a lot of ideas were executed. Cpt_Waterbubble and IvanLeshev decide to dig hole to gather cobblestone. IvanLeshev had the greaat idea to transform the hole into a mob grinder. Cpt_Waterbubble liked idea, and quickly started building the grinder.

With time,some luck, and a lot of improvement work the amount of spawners was raised from One to Eight.

At some point, Cpt_Waterbubble and IvanLeshev planned the Icekansen, made a tunnel from Numington to the Forrrest warp, built many more platforms, and built some other projets (see above). After 2 years of being abandoned, the Icekansen was renovated and connected to Route 69 as part of the Great Northwestern Highway