Great Northwestern Highway

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This page is about the highway by bloo_noodle from Mainland Freedonia to Snaketown. For information on the project and collection of roads of the same name, see Great Northwestern Highway (Project).

Great Northwestern Highway
Route Number GNWH.png GNWH
Owned by snakyman and Freedonia Road Co.
Name(s) Great Northwestern Highway, New New Snak City Highway (Former)
South Terminus NLO.png Nexus Loop Outer
Junctions W29.png Deckland Road

W120.png Eastcliff Road

W18A.png Shireford-Eastcliff Connector

W18.png Shireford Road

W41.png Route W41

N7.png Old New Snak City Highway

New Snak City

N7.png Old New Snak City Highway / Snaketown Road / Isle of Snak

W11.pngHR5.png HyperRoute 5/W11 / Salami Road

Snaketown Road

N Cow Street (Industry Island)

Numington Town

North Terminus N13.pngRt69.png Route 69
World Region West
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The Great Northwestern Highway is a major highway route in Freedonia's northwest. Also known as the New New Snak City Highway, the highway connects Snaketown via New Snak City to Mainland Freedonia and other major highways. The highway was built by bloo_noodle, and its related infrastructure are maintained by the Freedonia Road Co. It replaced the Old New Snak City Highway (Route N7).

On signs, the Great Northwestern Highway is abbreviated to its initials, GNWH.

Route Description

The highway begins at Nexus Loop Outer, southwest of EastCliff. It runs north, with connections to Shireford via Route W41. At the edge of Mainland Freedonia the route becomes a bridge after a junction with the N7. After a connection to New Snak City, the bridge continues roughly northwest, until reaching Isle of Snak, Industry Island, and Snaketown.

A later extension allows walking further north, past Forrrest, to connect to Route 69.


  • The GNWH is one of only a few route in Freedonia not to have an official Freedonia Uniform Sign System number.
  • The GNWH is considered an Historical Route by the Freedonia Road Co, as shown by its brown shield.
  • The old alignment of the GNWH (now known as the N7) can be seen from the vast bridges of the new highway.
  • Thanks to various road builders and clear signage, it is possible to easily walk all the way from Spawn to Snaketown.