Riot Castle

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green_castles.png Riot Castle
2011-10-18 16.59.53.png

Riot's Castle from above

Owner SlowRiot
Category Castles
Underground? Partially
Public? Yes
Completed October 2011
Coordinates X=-490
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Riot Castle is a small survival-built castle ported over from one of the brief periods of hiatus early in the server's history, where an update meant that clients were forcibly upgraded, so a second up-to-date vanilla server had to be hosted until the reverse engineering necessary to get the server mods up to date was complete; the timeline shows several such events early on. This castle was built with a view to survival in mind, so the high walls and raised entry bridge are intended to make it harder for mobs (or unfriendly PvPers) to attack.

It features a nordic feasting hall, a sniping tower, a secure chest room, a modest throne chamber and a small garden and one of the server's first creeper harvesters. External features include an execution platform, and there is a disused but once well stocked armoury in the basement.

Nowadays, the castle is protected from entry.