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Neo-Noobism is the Minecraft architectural style unique in its derived, inadvertent nature and nostalgic tone that harks back to the bygone days of the older MCO community. The simplicity and lack of inutile trinkets and decorations (especially involving more developed blocks of later versions, corner stairs etc) remind us of the functional aspect that buildings always maintain in a survival game.

The construction cannot be overly planned, but does not encompass a sprawl of dirt hurts and plank cabins (see Emucraft). Surfaces are typically two dimensional, blocks such as cobble and smooth stone contrast a single wood type (usually oak, as the original wood texture) and the general layout do not impede the functional nature of a house in the survival gamemode. A mark of early examples of this build style incorporates an inexplicable presence of snow in otherwise temperate biomes (when considering the normal Minecraft weather system) due to the shuffle of Freedonian biomes, common on the original spawn disc. Players such as SlowRiot are known for championing such an approach with the use of basic materials and the aforementioned lack of extra and unneeded detail. Tannhäuser Gate is one such example, where the creative inspirations (Neuschwanstein Castle) possess qualities of castle romanticism, its Freedonian translation dials this back to address the nature of the proportion and layout of the castle itself. However, it is important to note that not all builds require every characterisation mentioned here, as builds may not require a functional nature whatsoever.

Multiplayer Minecraft is now a twelve-year-old game, so it is not surprising that its more primitive origins have been lost. MCO stands as one of the few (if not the only) remaining functional survival servers, with Freedonia harbouring some of the best examples of the evolution of creative thought as the game progressed through the years. Despite the constant rehashing of spawn and the area around it, the original 25km spawn disc has many wonderful examples of Neo-Noob architecture as listed below, along with a select few built later, referencing the style in world expansion areas.

Architectural Motifs



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