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Room 101

Inside one of the Rooms

Plugin Information
Lead Dev Unknown
Bugtracker Bugtracker

< Krenath> If you want into the interrogation room, you have to grief.

< The_Ender_Man69> no then ill get banned

< Krenath> Very likely, yes

What does Room 101 do

Room 101 is a plugin that allows staff to interrogate players without them being able to grief or be distracted from things ingame. It is not a jail and players should never be left in Room 101 alone.

While a player is Room 101ed, they can not interact with blocks in any way. So do not worry if a player escapes or tries to break things while in Room 101, focus on talking to them. Please note that the rooms themselves are not protected, and teleporting griefers to a Room 101 without using the /rm101 command can lead to it being griefed.

Building a Room 101

Room 101s should be a room where players will not be distracted and can pay attention to the staff member interrogating them. They should only be used when a player is not responding to a staff member interrogating them or to stop further grief during interrogation. For more infomation on using Room 101 see the Rm101 Guide.

If you create a room, be sure to have a spot for both the staff member and the player being interrogated.


  1. A separate area for the player, where they can not get into the same area as the staff member. This stops them from trying to attack/kill the staff member.
  2. View of the staff member from where the player is standing.
  3. Clearly for interrogation and not easily mistaken as some sort of minigame.
  4. "Push T to talk" sign, players new to minecraft may not know how to use ingame chat.
  5. A ceiling. Some players taken to Room 101 use flymod so putting a roof in will stop them from flying out.
  6. Should be clearly lit, to ensure visibility of the staff member and to prevent any unwanted mobs spawning.

Do Not's

  1. Lava, fire, pits or anything intimidating that could make the player to feel like they could be in danger, this can cause them to log out instantly.
  2. Flashing lights, moving blocks or sounds, these can cause distractions to the player which should be paying attention to you.
  3. A large open area, players can get lost or distracted looking for a way out or exploring.
  4. Buttons, levers, itemframes, chests or other blocks the player can interact with.
  5. Blocks such as glass where players will try and break them.
  6. Mobs and animals the player could chase (or be chased by).

Using a Room 101

When using a Room 101, you and the player you are using it on will be teleported to your Room 101. If you do not have your own Room 101 it will select one at random from ones other staff have built.

The Interrogation Room

Room 101 is a griefer's last stop on the road to a permanent ban, and most people who enter never return to see the light of day. Nobody can say for sure what goes on in room 101, but there are rumors of grueling interrogations and secret killings. The following is a leaked document containing a conversation between a moderator and a griefer in the interrogation room.

< The_Jackal_249> thomkoala: why did you break that glowstone?

< The_Jackal_249> you can't break blocks in here

< The_Jackal_249> you can't hurt me in here

< thomkoala> dis u so how do i get out?

< The_Jackal_249> thomkoala: why did you break that glowstone and glass?

< The_Jackal_249> goodbye thomkoala, any last words? thomkoala was hit with The_Jackal_249's banhammer!


  • Multiple players can be in the same rm101

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