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green_infrastructure.png Mod Vault

The chest room of the 2011 vault

Owner Admins
Contributors Moderators
Category Infrastructure
Underground? Yes
Public? No
Started 21 January 2011
Completed 22 January 2011
Dimension Overworld
Please contribute the coordinates of this building.

The Modvault was a special warp available to moderators and admins only. It was a special secure warehouse, stocked with everything a mod would need to help repair griefed buildings. This warp did not include tools or things of that nature - just the blocks that someone would need to fix the grief. (Strictly not a personal chest-room of supplies)


Historically, there has been 3 different physical "Mod Vaults", as well as a /modvault command.

At least 2 of those old Mod Vaults do not exist anymore, and none are in use anymore as of 1.12.2.

The first vault was in use from 2011 to 2012, and was located within Spawn Wall, safe underground.

The second vault was in use from 2012 to 2014, and was also relatively close to Spawn.

The last physical vault (called Modhub) was in use from 2014 to 2020, and located in the End.

More information about them below.


The different Modvaults had a bit of a lounge area as well for the staff to chill out and unwind. Many moderators had their own cubbyholes there for secure storage, or public chests where they hand out griefer loot to other moderators. There were also sandbox rooms where moderators could try out constructions and experiments, or recommend ideas for the lounge area.


The exact geographical location of the Modvaults are a secret, but rumors have it that the location of the first Mod Vault is linked ironically to one of the first and most memorable grief events on the server.

Some other ModVaults do not exist anymore.

The latest ModVault (ModHub) was located in the End dimension, far from any islands or constructions, making it hard to find, and does not exist anymore.


The older modvault was designed with a variety of special features, involving double walls and layers of lava that are designed to prevent anyone using donor teleport commands from gaining entry. Furthermore, all the chests are locked to the moderator group with LWC. This is also a great achievement as it so far has never been breached by Madjock999 who would quite often appear in completely random places and then for everything in those places to disappear.

As said above, the most recent physical ModVault was located in the End dimension, making it a very safe area, and protected by a Nope area making it only accessible to Staff.

Changes with 1.8 (2011)

Mod vault in 1.8 showing low visibility due to the void

Minecraft 1.8 introduced new shadow effects making excavation near the void much more moody. The mod vault was located near the bottom of the world; as a result, visibility in the old mod vault dropped to almost zero.


The Modhub was the name of the build the ModVault was in when in the End dimension, it was in use up until December 2020. It does not exist anymore as the End was reset with the 1.12.2 update. (Add screenshots)

It contained, just like the previous Mod Vaults, chests filled with most types of blocks, that were to use strictly to fix grief using the /warp command. It also contained a hub area, similarly to the lounge area in previous ModVaults, where Moderators could have fun, suggest ideas for the hub, but also had access to chest collectors to get rid of griefed or illegal items.


For a short time, Staff had access to a /ModVault command before the update, which replaced the Modhub starting in late December 2020 up until the 1.12.2 update in April 2021.

/modvault item [count] [data] 

This allowed for faster and easier grief fixing, as it permitted Moderators not to have to leave the "scene of the crime" anymore. This command was basically /give, with the difference that it could only spawn in items that would typically be found in the Mod Vault, needed to fix grief, and of course was only to be used for grief fixing purposes, and not personal use.

Changes with 1.12.2 (2021)

With the update came a new, faster and more optimized way for Moderators to fix grief, mainly by using the new "Mod Tool", basically a mod stick that allows to fix recent grief, or remove addition grief very efficiently. Therefore no Modvaults are in use anymore since this update and the change to Grief alert