The Lynch Mob

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==The Story ==

It all began on the 20th of March 2013 when a fairly new user MrDoubleRainbow was being targeted by Williambriscoe. Williambriscoe is known for his n00b-like play style where he camps at spawn and stays there to slay newcomers. After MrDoubleRainbow was slain, Kingcammy150 decided to form The Lynch Mob to kill William quickly (as he is known to flee from battle.) His Spawn camping days were over.

==The Outcome ==

After William shot broncoskip with a bow. broncoskip threatened William which lead to him logging off. He is still at large...

The Lynch Mob

The group consisted of: Kingcammy150 crazyrecieve tonyisbeast ardoom1 BryBer broncoskip thesprazzler