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User crazyrecieve

Most people think he's a red panda. Arches, tho....

Known as crazy, craz
Gender Male
Location MonopleVille, Wool House
Nationality 'Merican
DOB -08-22
Occupation Pyrotechnician, Explosives Addict
In Freedonia
First joined 29 August 2011
First building a converted mushroom
Donor level *** Donor III
Kit level ***** Aether
Legacy donor level ***** Aether
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Will anybody read this? Probably not, but i'm feeling nostalgic. It's been seven years since i first came on MCO, and it's also been years since I was a regular. Bit of a shame I won't ever get to say goodbye to everybody, this place was around when a lot of other things weren't. Thanks to everyone I met along the way, you guys were great. -crazy

On The Server

When he joined, after quickly finding himself lost, he quickly made a house out a mushroom. Not very long later, his mushroom house was griefed, leaving his poor viking body (at the time) weak and defenseless. All he had to his name was a diamond sword and pick. After a while, techkid6 made him an offer he could not refuse: free housing in his basement. After some consideration, he accepted the offer on December 15, 2011. On December 19, 2011, he left tech's home to make his own place to live.

Stuff he likes to do

(Crazyrecieve usually lacks focus in everything he does, so he gets sidetracked easily) Crazy pisses people off. Especially GeekyCreeper. He does that quite a bit. That, and annoying his best friend, tech, is all he really does. He can be found at spawn, MonopleVille, or lovely nearby Forestberg. Oh! He also likes doing men!


Everybody Wuvs Crazy! xArches Recieve, you so silly winx51 Crazy's crazy, but you learn to love him Liastrae Crazy, you faggot


His true nature

Click the link, and understand.

CrazyRecieve's Birth Mother: