Transgender Pride Bridge

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green_infrastructure.png Transgender Pride Bridge

Full extent of the bridge spanning from near Hope Bay to near Jibtopia.

Owner Flamehaze97 1Catnip
Category Infrastructure
Public? Yes
Started 2-11-20
Completed 2-13-20
Coordinates X=-9807
Dimension Overworld
Map link

The Transgender Pride Bridge was built by Flamehaze97 to show what part of the spectrum she is on in the LGBT Community as well as to show the server's support for the LGBT community. Flame worked tirelessly on the bridge to make sure it looked really cool to other players, with the help of 1Catnip. This was built along the West Jibtopia Hwy that runs from Light Blue 3 Nexus to just south of Hope Bay along TheSynthPunk route and starts up again heading towards Jibtopia.

Materials used

  • Light Blue Wool several stacks
  • White Wool several stacks
  • Pink Wool Several Stacks
  • Spruce Logs
  • Torches


This serves as a link between the mainland of Freedonia and the western expansions where Jibtopia, Treetown, and Kyrza are. The road itself should link into the Jibtopia Highway System that's currently being developed by Jibletz and Flamehaze97 The bridge covers 1650m of water between Hope Bay and Jibtopia.