Twinchicken86's House

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green_houses.png Twinchicken86's House
House Aerial View Right.png

The house, viewed from the air.

Owner twinchicken86
Category Houses
Underground? No
Public? No
Started Early October 2013
Completed Late October 2013
Size north to south 40m
Size west to east 40m
Height 15m
Coordinates X=4457
Dimension Overworld
Map link


"It's about fucking time I built a house" - twinchicken86

Twinchicken86's house is located in the area of the servers Northeastern ocean which will eventually become TwinCities. It was built in late 2013, after Twin had been playing on MCO for almost two years, and was his first ever house on the server. As of November 2014, all that is in the house are 3 auto-smelteries, a hallway of sloppily-organized chests, a chicken, and quite a few cakes.


"Would you like some more cakes?" - TheDarkrai85

When twinchicken86 was promoted to moderator on July 28, 2014, TheDarkrai85 decided it would be a good idea to fill most of Twin's house with cakes...

Cakes on the ground floor.
Cakes on the upper floor.

The Toppest of Chickens

One day, twinchicken86 got Palindrome7 to do him a favor and spawn in a chicken riding a chicken - a twinchicken. Twin proceeded to build a small cage of glass panes to house his prized double chicken, but one day, Billy the Top Chicken mysteriously died and disappeared. However, thanks to a few signs, Billy's memory will never be lost.

Billy's bottom chicken Bobby still lives.