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User _CodyWolf


Gender Male
Nationality 'Merican
In Freedonia
First joined 03.06.2021
First building Spruce District of The Nest
Donor level * Donor
Kit level **** Gold
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What is CodyWolf? Who is CodyWolf. Most importantly, Why is CodyWolf? Questions philosophers have debated for generations


CodyWolf is a really strange guy. Here are some main points about him:

  1. Whenever he sees Mechman007 he quakes in his boots
  2. Is officially not racist, according to HZombieMan
  3. Sometimes is really annoying in the ingame chat
  4. He built most of The Nest and is currently working on Eddystone
  5. He has Gold Kit because he voted and has Donor because someone donated for him
  6. He owns an *exclusive* Spawn Chest NFT


There is only 1 head this idiot in existence, and it is owned by Darkerfly, although he wants it back

nope that not gonna happen. Darkerfly

What if I give you like... a lotta money? _CodyWolf

No. Darkerfly

Fun Fact: An admin created a bunch of _CodyWolf's heads at spawn because he look like the zombie pigman


He have been banned from the MCO Discord once after an admin thought he was an alt of CloneM (which he is, but nobody needs to know that)


- Being annoying



- Jamie_202