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This wiki page did not serve the agent of confusion, racism, and true chaos the man known as CloneM was. So here am I, your scribe and CloneM scholar, _CodyWolf, here to tell this tale

June 6th, 2021: Beginnings

On June 6th, 2021 at 2:50 A.M. EST, CloneM joins the server for the first time. His first contribution to chat, "gang gang" was relatively mild compared to later comments. The next chats are related to the server, and his chances of owning it. In addition, he asks if someone would like to construct a statue of him, as he is a claimed "OG" player and therefore should have a statue.

 < CloneM> who wants to build a statue of me?
 < CloneM> I would like to speak with the owner
 < CloneM> Im tryna buy this server IP address

The next hour is dedicated to quite possibly the only unironic conversation CloneM ever made, in which himself and CallMe0n discuss the stock market and cryptocurrency. Several of his quotes are dedicated to attacking Pride Month throughout the day.

 < CloneM> why is there a pride flag at spawn? do i have permission to burn it down?
 < CloneM> i am asking nicely
 < CloneM> I aint gay so nah i didnt hear about this gaymonth
 < CloneM> ill suck a dick or two

At 5:38 P.M. EST, CloneM first mentions his wishes to find coordinates and "raid" a base.

 < CloneM> buying cords to a raid msg me

He will sporadically chat this throughout his time at the server. Nobody ever discovered what a "raid" was. However, during his time commenting this, at 5:45 P.M. EST, CloneM first enters sauna, and at 5:52 P.M. EST, Mechman007 kills CloneM and aquires his head, the first of its kind.

The only other non-statue or raid things CloneM does during the rest of the day is asking Zomon to unban the thousands of people who have been banned in the past and attempting to get random people in interrogation freed.

 < CloneM> do /unban all
 < CloneM> FREE UP sid_dragun HE AINT DO NOTHIN

This ends day one of the CloneM journey.

June 7th, 2021: xDavdro encounter CloneM logs back on the server on June 7th and spends the first hour arguing with pretty much everybody (but, particularly Dianthiauwu) about the positives of Capitalism. He also threatens to attack Dianthiauwu and also is generally mysogynistic.

 < CloneM> Diana I would choke you out irl
 < CloneM> id ring ur little head

He also just keeps repeating this:

 < CloneM> dont be useless like dianna

It also appears that during this time, CloneM was just constantly killing himself from fall damage. The reasoning why is unknown. After he gets bored with the Capitalism talk, he goes back to the usual spamming about raids and statues, before spamming another CloneM classic,

 < CloneM> Yo i need food im starving like a african

Another version of this same copypasta:

 < CloneM> im starving like marvin Anna_28 gets on, and proceeds to send CloneM to the void

 < CloneM}> anna can i tpa 2 u
 < Anna_28> how about the void instead?
 < CloneM}> I choose void
 < CloneM}> thank you anna <3

CloneM logs off for awhile, only to log on later and continue asking for coordinates to raids. This confuses Krenath.

 < Krenath> buying coords to what raids?

we also learn that his attempt to purchase the server has not born fruit as of yet.

 < Selimbits> Clonem how'd your attempt to buy the server go?
 < CloneM> IM waiting

It is at this point that CloneM meets a fellow titan of the server, and one of the few memers who has yet to be banned: xDavdro. The actual meeting point comes when _CodyWolf says,

 < _CodyWolf> xDavdro you have a problem

{{User|CloneM}} takes the side of xDavdro, saying

 < CloneM> _CodyWolf you wanna die rnrn?
 < _CodyWolf> not particularly
 < CloneM> then keep ur fking mouth shut
 < xDavdro> keep it shut motherfucker!
 < CloneM> dont fk with xDavdro or its kill on sight
 < _CodyWolf> CloneM you cannot beat Big Dick Nixon

This interesting conversation ends with xDavdro and CloneM teaming up to try and threaten _CodyWolf and Darkerfly, and ultimately xDavdro distancing himself from the entire situation.

 < xDavdro> i have no idea who this clown is CloneM, however, stays on xDavdro's side until xDavdro starts dissing Selimbits (For context on this beef, see Pip)

 < xDavdro> WHERE IS HE (Referring to Selimbits)
 < CloneM> he wit me
 < CloneM> Selimbits is my brother
 < CloneM> dont fk wit us
 < xDavdro> oh im fucking with him HARD
 < CloneM> xDavdro you want bullets in ur temple?

According to xDavdro, this rift starts when CloneM disses his characters

 < SketchyPixel> What'd he do? Insult your "characters"?
 < xDavdro> HE DID SKETCHY
 < SketchyPixel> but your characters suck ass lmao
 < xDavdro> get off my server CloneM then talks about how someone "griefed" his base, however is not able to /greport it, and instead decides to call in the mythical, "boys." This is the very first mention of the boys.

 < CloneM> all my boys are joining this server right now its beef CloneM, while antagonizing Melisseaahh, is killed by Melisseaahh. CloneM then attempts to get a new player, Yashenka030304, to join his new town which seemingly does not exist, and also starts a long lasting beef with SketchyPixel.

 < CloneM> im making a diss track on SketchyPixel right now CloneM goes rambling about many different things from this point on, of which some highlights are:

 < CloneM> my girl keep texting i hit ignore
 < CloneM> I saw herobrine before
 < CloneM> yo am i allowed to rinse this guys beacons?
 < CloneM> rinse = borrow forever
 < CloneM> c4m_0g i got a job for u I give u 32 diamonds
 < c4m_0g> what job is it?
 < CloneM> Build a statue of me and benjamin franklin
 < CloneM> I just left my tractor I beat my sisters with a screwdriver CloneM, antagonized by HZombieMan, then goes to Georgetown and dies. This ends the June 7th storyline.

Coming Soon: June 8th, 2021: "The Boys"

"I'm gonna miss him now that he's banned" HZombieMan

"I am not" _CodyWolf

"Good riddance" George_Mann