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User dorn284
Gender Male
In Freedonia
First joined 10 March 2011
Staff member Admin
Kit level ***** Aether
Legacy donor level ***** Aether
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Dorn284 glares with hatred in his eyes

"Honestly, I donated just so I could set assholes on fire." - dorn284

Dorn284 is an aether donor who enjoys above all else building dungeons that are destined to slay many players hoping to plunder them. So far only one such dungeon is complete due to IC restrictions preventing him from utilizing his true evil genius. When not building dungeons, he enjoys assisting his friend zfleming1 in patrolling for griefers and the potential damage they may have caused. On 29 June 2011, a drunken admin raised dorn284 and Lothendal to moderator status. Much weeping of widows followed dorn284's first bannings.

What's in a Name

"dorn is secretly a gold shovel" - chivalrousWeasel

Dorn284's name came about rather simply. Dorn was the original name of his first Dungeons and Dragon's character, a Lawful Evil dwarven monk. He has been partial to the name ever since. the 284 is harder to pin down however. Some say it's the number of people his character killed in D&D sessions. Others claim that he believes it to be his lucky number. The truth however is that it is the locker number of a girl he was sweet on in High School. Even though they never got together, he still remembers her fondly. Mocking of the young lady or his fondness for her memory usually leads to a long and bloody death.


Dorn284 has several homes scattered around Freedonia. No one can say for sure where they all are. One place he can be found for certain however, his home away from home as it were, is his office in the *S*T*A*R*S* building. There he has been observed to sit behind his desk and prepare paperwork for the next inevitable griefer he manages to find.


Dorn284's past projects include the *S*T*A*R*S* building, the Monster Dungeon(tm), multiple houses and the Community Board currently at spawn. His future projects include a Trap Dungeon(tm) currently on hold until he can bribe an admin to assist him with the last room, a Skill Dungeon(tm) that he is still plotting as well as numerous classified projects. He has shown several of the classified ones to new players. Their bodies were never found.


  • <ximfiges> what type of server is this shity kind with a lot of fake asshole
  • dorn284 Fake asshole?
  • dorn284 Regardless of you and your love of plastic ass, why did you break the torch?

  • dorn284 Playing in lava atm
  • dorn284 Oddly you can't drown in lava.

Speech Upon Promotion to Admin

  • SlowRiot dorn: your turn
  • SlowRiot tell us a bit about your long experience at MCO so far
  • dorn284 I joined March 10, 2011. I had gotten tired of SP, and decided to give SMP a try...
  • dorn284 Lets just say that the first eight to nine servers were... Less than friendly.
  • dorn284 Then I showed up here. And within five minutes had litterally every staff member on show up to check
  • dorn284 up on me. And I liked that.
  • dorn284 I loved the server, the people, and got along well.
  • dorn284 And then some stupid mother fuckers pulled a grief raid...
  • dorn284 I think thats when some of you may of noticed me, donated for jumpto and started clean up
  • dorn284 Organized some others with the help of zfleming... And started trolling trolls
  • dorn284 Next thing I know, one day I log in, and something had happened to my name...
  • dorn284 Krenath, on his lunch break, on his iPhone, had did whatever magic there is and
  • dorn284 With riots permission
  • dorn284 made me a mod
  • dorn284 At the end of which, when he went to tell me... I logged off for 3 days
  • dorn284 Very awkward return, that was...
  • dorn284 From there it was being a dick to griefers and seeing how I could best help the server.
  • dorn284 And now here I am.
  • SlowRiot :) here you are indeed