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User DorpEngineer

Blue and more blue

Known as Dorp
Gender Male
Location Freedonia
Nationality Taiwanese
Occupation Player
In Freedonia
First joined 13th October 2019
Donor level * Donated
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"Dorp is a person who I begged to put a quote on their wiki, here I am lol. Also dorp has a massive dong" - 1Catnip

"This man live up to his name for being the craftbook engineer" - Darkerfly

DorpEngineer is a New Eden resident and the contributor to its walls. He has a base in Forrrest for starter users. This Interesting creature sometimes skulk around nexuses holding his famous dick aloft. He is an ambitious, power-hungry moron with a questionable vocabulary


DorpEngineer joined freedonia on 13th of October, 2019 after discovering the server on a server list website. He used /randomwarp and found himself in a forest known as Forrrest. Since then. he has made a concealed base in forrrest after a raid conducted by an unknown imposter. He has then spent 17 hours underground.

On October 18th of 2019, DorpEngineer has reached the 20 hours mark. He immediately tried to join New_Eden but had a number of unsuccessful attempts due to Eclypto18 and Liam_Starcraft not being online. Finally, on 20th of October 2019, he signed the contract and claimed a room on 2nd floor, ore tower.

DorpEngineer got 100 hours on 21st January, 2020, Yipee.....

On 9th of 02/09/2020, DorpEngineer joined North Of Nowhere shortly after hearing muldore advertise about it. NoN is now home to most of DorpEngineer's automated machinery, including 2 birch farms and a smooth stone generator.

Earning Iron Reef perms: DorpEngineer can I have perms to Iron Reef chests Flamehaze97 God I hate pinging people smhhh
 ChinaMinecraft Joined the Game AlphaAlex115 my head DoomerDk just great Anna_28 your farm isn't done yet but ok The_Coloniser whoa DorpEngineer :D DorpEngineer Thanks!

On September 9, 2020. DorpEngineer was banned by having player radar enable on his mini-map which is consider as cheating.

< Darkerfly> This is an unfortunately event.


  • Harry Potter Spoofs
  • Talking people into warp sauna


  • Icky
  • Cheese
  • Other people getting to The Iron Reef chests
  • Porcelain Roblox Cheese