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Basic info

User 1235_John

Maniacal Cyborg

Known as John
Gender Male
Location UK
Nationality British
DOB -08-18th
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined 22.1.2020
First building Jiae Outpost
Donor level * Donor
View profile and statistics 1235_John is a player on MinecraftOnline, he loves Star Wars, and he's currently working on covering an entire ocean in glass.

One player builds

This is explaining build 1235_John has worked on himself.

The first build John worked on was Jiae Outpost (Jiae pronounced like a capital J) it was his main base for a few months until he decided to start working on a Star Wars themed place known as "his empire" the empire has no official name and is not a real player group, it is only referenced on one sign which states "This is where 1235_John is building his empire" which was made before he started building. The first building he made were two Star Wars star fighters called "TIE Fighters" He then started work on the base's main build, and later his home; a Star Wars star ship called a "Star Destroyer" the build was started but left abandoned for a couple of months as John lost motivation to play on the server, he returned and started work on the build once again. The Ship was intended to be just for fun, and not very detailed; a simple but big build. The date of completion is not known, as John has forgotten, but it is known that at this point, Jiae Outpost ceased to be John's main base, and the Star Destroyer became his main base. He later then started work on a Star Wars vehicle known as an "AT-AT Walker" which was completed shortly after. John stopped making new builds at his main base after he joined Finland, however, it still continues to be where John stores his belongings, and is still his base of operations. After Finland was abandoned, John returned to building at his main base, and that's still where he builds most of his things, and he is currently working on a glass ocean.


John owns a series of swords known as "Pogswords" any who wields an authentic Pogsword (one made by John) wields a very powerful weapon, which goes beyond mere enchantments.

The current Pogswords

The Pogswords which currently exist are:

Pogsword/Pogsword I

Pogsword: The original, this sword has slain moderator ibxtoydog, long time player IconPippi and moderator TheGriffinLord. This sword has the enchantments: Knockback II, Sharpness V, Unbreaking III and Fire Aspect II.

Pogsword II

Pogsword II: Pogsword's successor, and the one currently wielded by John. This sword has slain, in a surprising turn of events, its own wielder 1235_John; John attempted to trick a new player into doing /warp sauna, and the god donor ApexVII did not take kindly to John doing this, and started trying to kill John, eventually, John knew he was going to die, so tried putting his stuff in a chest, unfortunately for him, Apex teleported too quickly for him, and was able to take the sword from the chest before John locked it, resulting in John's demise, luckily for John, Apex took pity on him and gave him back his sword. John's head in on display in Apex's base. This sword has the enchantments: Sharpness V, Unbreaking III and Fire Aspect II.

Pogsword III

Pogsword III: Pogsword II's successor. This sword is currently waiting until Pogsword II is unusable, and is in storage in John's enderchest. This sword has not killed any players yet. This sword has the enchantments: Sharpness V, Fire Aspect II, Unbreaking III and Looting III. This sword is now in use, and has been upgraded since the 1.12.2 update, its enchantments are now Sharpness V, Fire Aspect II, Knockback II, Sweeping Edge III, Unbreaking III and Mending I.

Strange or rare item collecting

John collects a lot of strange or rare items, here are some of them!

Source blocks

John used to own 4 stacks of water source blocks, and 4 stacks of lava source blocks, he sold a lot of them for an immense profit, and the final few were deleted by admins and replaced... with something more special...

Alpha slabs

John has owned many alpha slabs, but currently has only 3.

Reputation cookies

John currently has Beeraeka's reputation cookie, and LordOfTheShadows' reputation cookie.


When John went to see his source blocks again, sometime between the dates of 20-24th of January 2021, to his surprise, they were gone. But not just vanished, in their place was a stack of 14 water buckets, a stack of 16 lava buckets, and a stack of 5 lava buckets.

Not only that, but there was also 2 glass panes, one orange and one blue, both were custom items with coloured names, the blue pane with the name "Water" in dark blue text, the orange pane with the word "Lava" in orange text. John was immensely pleased with these items and was more than happy to take them. He still has the panes.

What is 1235_John currently doing, and where can he be found?

John is most commonly found at his main base, Finland, or wherever ibxtoydog (his wife) is.

John likes doing random tasks for people, and will be happy to help if he isn't busy, feel free to ask him for help!

Loves ibxtoydog


Pogsword II

Pogsword III

Pogsword VI

Pog- wait these Pogswords don't exist yet


Anything that hurts his feelings

His dms with ibxtoydog being leaked