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User HY_Turkic

Cyborg rockin' the aqua Waff mask!

Known as HY
Gender Male
Nationality Turkish
In Freedonia
First joined 7th September, 2019
First building ErenStampy's Base (now located inside of the District of Old Loletown in Takadokia)
Kit level ***** Diamond
View profile and statistics HY_Turkic, known originally as ErenStampy, is a MinecraftOnline player who first joined in early September 2019.

He was most active between September 2019 and April 2021, after which he took an indefinite break from the server until late 2022, coming back once only briefly in July 2021.

His most proud creation in McO is the city of Takadokia, originally cofounded with LolePlay_PL; a city built from countless islands and bridges. While a quaint, empty town with many unfinished builds, it's his pride and joy. He has also founded or co-founded a few other cities.



HY's first house.

HY does not remember exactly why he joined McO, however he does faintly recall watching someone play on the server and being motivated to try it out. Upon entering the server for the first time on September 8th 2019, his first words were “yo im scared of cutting down a tree.” After doing /wilderness for the first time, he ended up in the middle of the ocean, finding a bridge that led to a house. The house was empty, however, and HY was left starving.

This was until a kind fellow by the name of LolePlay_PL offered HY shelter, with his house being located a few thousand blocks away from spawn in what is now Old Loletown. HY set up a so-called “base” up the hill just across Lole’s own home; this would be his first build in Freedonia, and would soon become a pilgrimage site of sorts for him. The house was small and quaint, being only two blocks wide, twelve blocks long and containing only essential furniture. This house still stands today, basically unchanged it from when it was abandoned in September 2019.


The original signs placed by Lole, in the East Midlake Museum.

After a day or so on the server, HY yearned to find the area that /wilderness had sent him to earlier. He located the area on the live map, and prepared for a long, grueling foot journey to the area. He planned to go south and then circle on the border of the land disc to reach it. While he did not know it then, what seemed like a simple excursion would lead his career on the server for the years to come. Taking his new friend Lole along with him, they started a trek south of their base, exploring old settlements and swimming through treacherous seas along the way. However, the distance was far greater than originally anticipated; one hour and a thousand blocks later, the journey was far from being over.

Exhausted, HY selected an island for him and Lole to crash in for the night before continuing on their journey. HY built a simple house out of dirt, and Lole placed a few signs to mark their presence on the island. Lole urged HY to continue on their trek, but HY insisted resting on the island for just a little while.

Settling Down

East Midlake Island, January 2020.

Some point thereafter, Lole stopped playing on the server, leaving HY alone on the island, who named it Midlake Island (from its location in the middle of a giant lake) and developing it further; rennovating the rest base, building a light house a farm or two. HY intended this small island to be a haven where tired explorers could rest during their journey. He had intended to leave the island at some point to continue his own journey, but eventually decided to stick around.

He made a semi-authentic replica of his house, moving his items. He built a large grid of cobblestone bridges in addition to the Stonebridge Hotel, whose design was heavily based on the appearance of Lole’s house. He starting connecting Midlake Island (renamed to East Midlake Island) to other islands in the vicinity, decorating both the bridge and islands as he went along. Eventually, he extended the stone bridge system to the western edge of the lake, where he intended to build a direct link to the warp city of Vizima. This link remains in construction to this day. He instated the territory he had claimed as the New Sardinian Federation.

Becoming A Regular

Over the coming months, HY would become a regular on the server. Most of his time and efforts were spent on extending and improving his town (eventually named Takadokia), which would change drastically over the course of 2020. He made a lot of new friends during his tenure in Freedonia.

HY marks this time period as being very geopolitical, as much of what he did on the server concerned his town and its politics, Although, there was a brief period where he founded quite a few new settlements; among them being Outherland, Selverland and Summittown. But, through it all, his town remained the apple of his eye. He even got a Nexus link installed. He took part in the Endfection server event, finding two Elytra Vouchers.

2020 was the year in which HY was most active, racking up 700 hours of playtime by January 2021.

Break and Return

In April 2021, following the 1.12.2 update, HY went on an extended break. He would come back briefly in June, before going away once more.

In December 2022, after a year and a half of absence, HY returned to McO. He had developed nostalgia for his time on the server, and decided to revisit it and his town Takadokia. He returned to a very different community, remarking the fact that many players he once played alongside had moved on from the server. During 2023, he rediscovered the server and became pretty active once more. He continues working on his town, and finishing many projects he left to collect dust when he took a break in 2021.

Hour Milestones

100 hours - February 16th 2020

200 hours - March 15th 2020

300 hours - April 10th 2020

400 hours - May 13th 2020

500 hours - July 14th 2020

600 hours - October 25th 2020

700 hours - January 3rd 2021

800 hours - February 28th 2021

900 hours - April 19th 2021

1000 hours - February 15th 2023

Rank Milestones

Donor * - March 12th 2020

Wood Kit * - January 2nd 2023

Stone Kit ** - January 11th 2023

Iron Kit *** - January 29th 2023

Gold Kit **** - March 8th 2023

Diamond Kit ***** - May 20th 2024


HY has been involved with the founding of several settlements.

Notable Builds



  • Unfinished old buildings and settlements