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User HY_Turkic

The talkative man with the plan

Known as HY, Eren. ErenStampy (former name)
Gender Male
Location Germany
Nationality Turkish
DOB {{{birthdayyear}}}-05-17
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined 7th September, 2019
First building ErenStampy's Base, Old Loletown, Takadokia
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"Existence is futile" - HY_Turkic


HY joined in early September of 2019, and has a fascination with old buildings. He gets sad when he sees unfinished buildings leftover from 2011.

He first joined when he became interested in the oldest server in Minecraft. He quickly joined and, with some assistance, spawned in water via /wilderness. He was in the ocean, and starving. He swam over to a small platform, which would become infamous (according to him). He wandered over to the nearing bridge, and went on finding an island. Using the map, he discovered a nearby "uninhabited" island. It was habited. He was lost and starving. Thankfully, a player in the name of LolePlay_PL took him in and brought him near his base. There, HY built his first base. Nothing much happened for a few days.

That was until HY had an epiphany; he wanted to find the place where he first came into wild world. He took Lole on his trip. An hour or so later, they weren't getting anywhere. They decided to rest on an island. They built a little base, put signs, and flattened the land. After a while, they decided to stay in what was to become East Midlake Island. Thus, The Midlake Islands were born. HY and Lole got to work on making the island their own. They built a mine, a farm, and got 2 sheep. HY built a lighthouse. They decided that this island was to become a place to rest for lost travellers; just like they were. At this time, LolePlay_PL mysteriously disappeared, and HY didn't see him for months.

He decided to move his base over to the island. By taking screenshots of his old base, he managed to recreate it; along with furniture spots. He got all the items from his old chest and brought them over. This is when HY officially moved to the island. He colonized an island later on, which would become West Midlake Island, and built a hotel there; because the small hosue that he an Lole built was not gonna be enough for travellers.

HY was inactive through the new years, and came back on January of 2020; and resumed work. He made a new hotel, made an outdoor storage unit, extended his base by 3 floors, extended the bridge and adding trees, and incorporating South Midlake Island into the settlement.

Sometime after this, HY created the then-states of Grande Sardinia and Fondare.

HY built a bridge to an island which would've been called North Midlake Island if the moderator Tekupuristo didn't stop him in his tracks, and he was unofficially warned by Tekup, until Tekup found out that the place was his. Even though he had not been warned, HY got discouraged and destroyed the bridge. Months later, HY remade the bridge to NMI, which would be called Northern Territory, then Southern Territory, then finally the state of New Azerbaijan. From there, HY colonized the islands of Voishah, Vysoky and finally connected to the other side of the lake. He established Sardinian Lebanon, which then became Verican Lebanon, and Turista Island. From which he connected to Nea Makedonia. His latest big endeavor in the main federation is, other then being bought by Verico, was the Ice Path.

Right now, HY is online at about 4-9 pm GMT+1. He is currently taking the steps of becoming a respected player and, eventually, his goal of finally becoming an Admin of MCOnline.

That dream right above? Probably not gonna happen. But a lot of stuff has gone down since I wrote that.

He recently gained independence from Verico as the Second New Sardinian Republic (might become the Commonwealth of New Sardinia soon), and has just under 30 residents. His current dream is to expand NS and make more people come to it and he wants to reach 50 residents by May.


Origin of The Midlake Islands

One day, HY and his buddy LolePlay_PL went to find the infamous Leaf Bridge, where HY first spawned. When they were a fourth to the way there, HY found an island and called Lole, and the two settled it. For a few days, Lole and HY stayed on the empty island and built a house, a wall and two farms. HY left on the 11th of September. But before he left, he built a light house, so travelers would see and find the island. HY visits the island regularly. He also founded the West Midlake Island.

As of late 2019, he and Lole now lives on the island.

Mod-Free Island

On September 15th, 2019, HY, after being told to come to spawn, was murdered by Jibletz. Salty after being murdered, he vowed to make a settlement where no moderator (excluding admins; logic, right?) could enter into. He chose an island close to his home, and started walling it with dirt, the start of a to-be mod-free paradise. Of course, this plan was never gonna work from the start, and HY stopped the operation once he realised. Thus, the mod-free city was never to be.

Although, HY returned very later on to establish the district of Bezmond, part of the Free State of Loletown.

The Great Leaf Bridge Trip

In January 25, 2020, HY went on a trip (almost) no one went of before; to find his spawn point from when he first wrote /wilderness. He tracked down the exact location, and went on.

This is actually NOT the first time he had attempted this, as he did it before. He got bored.

In the same day, after hundreds of map checkings, he finally made it over to the Leaf Bridge leading up to _EXter's base, and first place he stood in the wild world; the cobblestone strand. He quickly extended the platform and added a crafting table and torches.

The next day, he attempted the trip again; but was slightly faster due to memory. When he returned, he built a little base for everyone looking to rest.

Then, he discovered a Nexus link real close to the settlement, which shortened the travel time from about 2 hours, to about half an hour.

After his second and third trip, he checked out _EXter's base; whose direction signs dotted the Leaf Bridge. He found grand marvelous things in this thriving place; a hotel (which inspired him to make Stonebridge Hotel, a throne room, a bank, a ship, and best of all, the statue whom you can jerk off for good luck. Thanks to this mythical being, HY was inspired to make his settlement better. This man, whose base was hiding almost right next to where he spawned, inspired HY to improve his settlement about 5 months later.



  • Unfinished old buildings and settlements

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A small gallery of screenshots taken by HY. <Gallery> File:2020-04-04_22.19.51.jpg|HY hanging out at spawn in the calmer times of The Great FitMC Invasion (April 4th 2020). File:SelfieWithJimmy.jpeg|HY's selfie with Jimmy.