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User HY_Turkic

Cyborg rockin' the aqua Waff mask!

Known as HY
Gender Male
Nationality Turkish
In Freedonia
First joined 7th September, 2019
First building ErenStampy's Base (now located inside of the District of Old Loletown in Takadokia)
Donor level **** Gold
View profile and statistics HY_Turkic, known originally as ErenStampy, is a MinecraftOnline player who joined in early September 2019.

He was most active between September 2019 and April 2021, after which he took an indefinite break from the server, coming back only briefly in July 2021. After this, he was not seen nor heard from again until December 2022.

His most proud creation in McO is the city of Takadokia, originally cofounded with LolePlay_PL; a city built from countless islands and bridges. While a quaint, empty town with many unfinished builds, it's his pride and joy in McO. He has also founded or co-founded a few other cities.

First Days on McO

He doesn't remember specifically why he joined the server, but he remembers he watched a video and probably wanted to oldest SMP server in Minecraft. His first words are as follows:

"yo im scared of cutting down a tree" - HY_Turkic's first words in Freedonia.

He showed a great deal of worry as he was scared to cut down a tree. When he asked if he would get banned if he cut down a tree, he was told no. The details get blurry from here, but HY remembers doing /wilderness and, like many before and after him, teleported to the middle of the ocean. He quickly found a cobble platform to see his surroundings better. He sighted a bridge made out of leaves and went to it. He went across the bridge until he found an inhabited island, so he went across from there to find a bigger island, seemingly empty. Turned out it was not empty. Starving, he did something unlike many other after him, he asked for help instead of going on a rampage breaking blocks. A kind fellow named LolePlay_PL decided to take him in. He showed HY his old house, located near spawn, first and then showed him his new house, which was much farther away. HY built his house near Lole's, which was his very first building in Freedonia. Lole built a road going from his house to HY's.

A few days later, HY wanted to go back to the cobble platform and leaf bridge he found all the way back in day 1 when he did /wilderness. He took Lole along with him.

"BTW lole do you wanna help me find the leaf bridge" - HY_Turkic

HY had the wondrous idea of going around the outskirts of the map to eventually find the leaf bridge and the cobble platform. This was not going to be an easy task. They went and went, but it became night and they had to rest on a small island in the middle of a lake. Lole placed some signs marking that he and HY were on the island, and HY made a small dirt hut with two quarters for Lole and he, but he remade it with wood. When giving a name to the island, HY chose the fitting name of "Midlake Island", which has since been renamed to East Midlake Island. He built a dock made out of dirt, but remade it with wood instead (there is a tiny bit of dirt under East Midlake Island today, which HY suspects are the leftovers of the first iteration of the dock). HY found a purpose to the island as it could be a safe haven for travellers that were lost like he and Lole, so he built a lighthouse. But, something happened. HY and Lole decided to stay on the island. Another thing happened, was that Lole went offline, and never joined back. HY was now all alone in Midlake Island, so he decided to develop it. He bridged to another island he sighted.

Hour Milestones

100 hours - February 16th 2020

200 hours - March 15th 2020

300 hours - April 10th 2020

400 hours - May 13th 2020

500 hours - July 14th 2020

600 hours - October 25th 2020

700 hours - January 3rd 2021

800 hours - February 28th 2021

900 hours - April 19th 2021

1000 hours - February 15th 2023


HY has been involved with the founding of several settlements.

Notable Builds



  • Unfinished old buildings and settlements