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User eleanorthesow

sow with a flower crown you can't see on this visualization

Known as Eleanor or Ellie or El Eanor or laootr or laoo or laoort or labratoor or latoor or looatr or laotor or laooter or la loutre or lao depends on you
Gender Woman
Location France
Nationality French
DOB -01-31
Occupation Digging in the dirt (or sand or stone depends of the case) and praising the Doors
In Freedonia
First joined 22 February 2023
First building my house at 15212 84 9823 (don't look up)
Donor level **** Donor IV
Kit level ***** Diamond
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"#PraiseTheDoors" eleanorthesow

eleanorthesow is a little player of MCO. She once trolled snakyman by making him discover the /spanw command.


  • Making cool screenshots with shaders (you can recruit me for your wiki page)
  • Making wiki pages (I contribute to the real Wikipedia)
  • Giving her Diamond Kit to new/random players
  • Making tunnels through hills



  • Boat link to my first house, which might become a private island

In the works

  • Translating some major pages of the Wiki to French


  • Any nice player (especially if they give stuff to new players)
  • Doorism
  • using :3


Laootr_'s Banhammer *rawr x3*

This was a great sword, all enchantments except Sweeping Edge. Made by myself. Lost during a PVP against NedHuman (if I recall correctly at least). The "*rawr x3*" references the song Antonymph.

Laootr_'s Banhammer *rawr x3* v2

Same as above, lost while I was AFK at the inauguration of Brick Mall.

Thanks Acesrt :3

A temporary sword gifted by Acesrt (it had a different name originally but I renamed it), with Sharpness 5, Mending, Looting 2, KB 1 and Fire Aspect 2. Used for a moment as a backup sword. Lost due to chorus fruit tping in blocks.

Moonside Howl x3

A sword gifted by bartek_kx, a maxed sword with KB 2 added. The name is a reference to the song Moonside Howl. Lost because of elytra lag. fuck MCO.

lao's revenge hammer (die x3)

A maxed sword made by myself (without KB 2). lost because someone thought it'd be funny to kill me when I was lagging very hard.

Penis Cutter :3

A maxed sword. Lost because Ned makes traps that he will never check because he's banned L bozo

Estradiol Injector :3

A maxed sword with kb 2 added. Currectly used as main sword.

Names that have been given to me

Reputation cookies

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Tracking of laootr_ rep cookies

  • ate 3
  • gave 4 (at least 3 not UUID based)
  • been stolen 3 (it was Ned but I think he sold them) (not UUID based)
  • 48 in ec (41 not UUID based)

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  • gave 4
  • 7 in ec

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