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User _WizardDev_

Viva Yugoslavia!

Known as John Lennon, Wizard, Dev, Professional Retard, "Yo It's that Serbian Guy"
Gender Male
Location Serbia
Occupation Amateur Programmer
In Freedonia
First joined 28 September 2019
First building Home near Tristque Village
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General Info _WizardDev_ is a notorious player who is best known for his builds DevPlots, Fortree City and his involvement with Trexlergrad, and the fabled WizardVille. As of 12/7/2020, _WizardDev_ has shifted his focus fully to Trexlergrad and WizardVille, who he is a big part of, being an early member and also building a few structures.

The Beginnings

Finding out about MinecraftOnline _WizardDev_ learnt of MinecraftOnline in quite an unusual way! Some years after beginning to watch a youtuber by the name of Fit, he discovered a video in which he mentioned MinecraftOnline, and it's crown of being the OLDEST minecraft server, ever.

Creating the first base and moving to New Eden

_WizardDev_ entered the world. And contrary to players today, he walked. And then he continued to walk. And then he walked, and walked, until he settled in a forest near Tristque Village. He set up camp, with a little farm, mine and home. This is the time when _WizardDev_ got his warning, from ReverseDmitry. _WizardDev_ was furious for a time, but over time he let it go. Shortly after establishing himself in the forest, he got an invite to New Eden, which he accepted.

New Eden _WizardDev_ joined New Eden when he had barely enough hours to join. From the start, Eclypto18 tasked _WizardDev_ with building DevPlots, a huge plot system that would have 5 15x15 plots, 10 10x10 plots, 20 5x5 plots. After finishing the exhausting project, _WizardDev_ got a payment of 20+ Diamond Blocks! After this, _WizardDev_ would build Fortree City, a neighborhood inside New Eden that was inspired (completely ripped off) from Pokemon Emerald's Fortree City. _WizardDev_ would not work on many other projects after Fortree City. _WizardDev_ would also help by trying out the parkour course and maze in New Eden, after which he would laughably jump in a pit of lava and die of fall damage instead. _WizardDev_ would also be very competitive, even getting a 1:55 on one of the earliest revisions of the parkour, and holding the world record on it.

Trexlergrad _WizardDev_ joined Trexlergrad in January 2020, and got to work on his home. Later, he would work on a huge skyscraper from under the water up to the top of the sky! _WizardDev_ is also a member of Trexlergrad's council, and is the Master of Warfare (this is possibly because of his killing of ArikYT while intruding). He has recruited numerous players, and has built the Government Mansion of Trexlergrad, numerous extensions, a nether wart farm, etc. After a while though he got bored, so he decided to start a new town (in newer chunks) to test his building skills, and oh boy are they good. The little Village he bought from Xuvaci got turned into a beautiful town!

_WizardDev_'s buildings and future in Trexlergrad _WizardDev_, as of writing this, is a member of the Council of Trexlergrad. He has built the Government Building of Trexlergrad, which is a huge mansion near RedTrexler's statue, which Wizard has also worked on. the Building is constructed as a huge mansion, where there is a meeting room and offices for each Mastery. Another project he has worked on is the extension of Trexlergrad, which is why during these sorts of projects you will often find him asking for dirt in chat. _WizardDev_ aims to improve Trexlergrad and restore it to its old glory.


Wizard works on WizardVille a lot, but the builds are flashy as a result. One time during a check, skybirdthing was so impressed by WizardVille that he immediately wanted Wizard to work on a project in townbuildthing, therefore he made the barn. WizardVille is also linked to Trexlergrad via a nether road, therefore if you do find yourself in Trexlergrad, i'd suggest you visit. Wizard has also moved his Potion Conglommerate to WizardVille, and is working there tirelessly.

Naming WizardVille.. with a Serbian name?

Wizard has loved joking with his town plenty, but on 12/7/2020 him and ErenStampy joked around after his tour about naming WizardVille a serbian name, they came up with Wizselo as the serbian name as a result.

Some other info _WizardDev_'s projects are, in order of creation, Home (near Tristque Village), DevPlots, Fortree City, Home (in Trexlergrad) and Hotel in Trexlergrad, WizardVille's countless houses. _WizardDev_ is part of WizardVille, Trexlergrad and New Eden.