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User Leah_Starcraft


Known as Leah
Gender Female
Location North America
Nationality Undetermined
DOB NA-05-11
In Freedonia
First joined June 5, 2019
First building June 2019
Donor level * Donor
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First showed up as Liam_Starcraft on June 5, 2019. Hasn't done anything major besides make good friends. Just exists as your friendly neighborhood minecraft player.

8/25/20: Caused a big change to warp sauna. Said its possible to escape by hitting the bottom and doing /spawn, which resulted in jimmyd93 to change it from 5 blocks deep to 56

Likes: Being wholesome, food, literally everyone including herself <3, ancient video games (I did not write this third one, Dead did! -Leah)

Dislikes: Griefers, jerks, hackers, the dark, storms

August 8th, 2020. 5:06 GMT. Raflamar - “Leah is one of my only friendships on the server! Also the most natural! We got to know each other over time over similar interests about a texture pack they were making, until
conversation between us became as casual as if we were old friends that are speaking and not typing to one another. With others, I feel like I have to commit to some kind of act but with Leah I’m
100% naturally myself. Which is how much I trust her and love her! I can’t imagine MCO without her now that I’ve gotten to know and am used to her being there, even if she thinks that she doesn’t do
much other than stand around being an awkward, typical teen. :P She’s a source of pure joy for my days, and when I say that she’s my friend, and I don’t mean internet friend, I mean that she’s
the first actual friend I’ve had in almost TEN YEARS. She’s my friend, and I’m going to be there with her when she needs the company. Alongside everyone else (most notably helpimdeadinside)
that’s there for her when she needs us. Love ya Leaf! We all love you, and keep on loving yourself!” March 30th, 2021. "Leah valid!"-Helpimdeadinside TheGriffinLord - "Leah is great. Congrats on mod, blue name fits you!"

"The amount of character development I went through in my arc to getting here was a lot, holy crap." -Leah, 10:56 AM, March 30, 2021

(Leah note: I didn't add most of the stuff on this page, this was mostly raf and dead, lmao. I dont mind, that nearly doubled what was on the page :P)