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User TheGriffinLord

A Noble Creature of Ancient Mythology

Known as griff, griffin
Gender Male
Nationality American
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined 22 April 2020
First building Fort Halcyon
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donated
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"TheGriffinLord says goodnight and dont let the endermen bite."

Group Photo at Spawn taken by GriffinLord12
Vibing on the Quartz Stairs at Spawn
Memorial for the first casualty of the Battle of Welkin Castle


An ardent builder and a true survival player, TheGriffinLord first joined MCO as GriffinLord12 after watching the April Fool's video that Fit made about the server. Unlike Fit's fanbase, however, Griffin is not a griefer and mostly kept to himself during the first few weeks after he joined. He eventually became more social in chat, made a few friends, created several builds, and had a couple of duels. As of writing this wiki, he has only joined one town because he is more of a lone wolf type and prefers independence. Griffin is generally a nice guy who would choose peace over warfare any day, but if you get on his bad side, you should probably not join MCO anytime soon. Early on during his time on MCO, he would randomly kill other players at spawn out of a sheer desire to cure his boredom and find something exciting to do, but has recently become more benevolent towards others and will only attack players if they are targeting innocent people. If you see him in Freedonia, he will most likely be collecting materials for a build, exploring new parts of the server, or asking people if they would donate their head to his collection.

Likes (Why do we have these again?)

  • Coffee
  • Iron Golems
  • Exploring Freedonia
  • Lore
  • Collecting heads
  • Joining a random voice chat, saying "pumpernickel," and leaving.


  • Griefers
  • Toxic players
  • Bad language
  • When people call him TheGriefingLord
  • Not much else, he's not a hater

Fun Facts

  • One of only a few people on the server to own a SlowRiot reputation cookie.
  • Lost his god horse Shadowfax in the Sheepocalypse
  • Changed his username to TheGriffinLord in September 2020.
  • Reached 400 hours on October 28, 2020.
  • Was featured in two of ScarClaw72's YouTube videos about an old MCO city called Glenfiddich.
  • Reached 500 hours on November 19, 2020.
  • Became the 201st resident of New Eden on January 25th, 2021.
  • Reached 700 hours on February 2, 2021.
  • Promoted to moderator on February 6, 2021.
  • His first ban was on Veyless for griefing a chest lock and torch in a spawn house, on February 10.
  • Became a member of the Fishing Guild.

Player Reactions TheGriffinLord waited until after he had logged 250 hours on MCO before actually registering. Because of this, other players had some profound, and hilarious, reactions to his white name.

 < msup> Wait wtf
 < msup> You signed up
 < GriffinLord12> ye i did
 < msup> you registered xD
 < msup> FINALLY
 < Beeraeka> sup griffin
 < GriffinLord12> sup beer
 < Beeraeka> WHITE NAME GRIFFIN!!!
 < Beeraeka> what fresh hell is this
 < Beeraeka> jk <3
 < DarthSagit> Griffin is finally registered D:
 < GriffinLord12> yes darth :)
 < Darkerfly> Griffin welcome to the white gang
 < Darkerfly> :D
 < TheGolum> Welcome Griff! :P
 < GriffinLord12> glad to be apart of it

Donor Status

On the 6th of November, 2020, an anonymous player donated to the server in Griffin's name, automatically giving him donor status and a green star.

 <TheGriffinLord donated $5.28 for donor status!
 < Beeraeka gg
 < Egypt95 gg
 < TheGriffinLord huh??
 < TheGriffinLord wow thanks so much whoever did that


  • The first build Griffin made was a cobble / stone brick house called Fort Halcyon which lies about 3k blocks east of Spawn. Some other builds which he made around it include a statue of himself (yes, he is very humble), the tallest melon tower on MCO, a treetop museum where he keeps part of his head collection and some other collectibles, a large Nether portal, and a few gravestones for the beloved mobs who died.
  • At the request of pretzel33, he built a Nether-themed axe at Sand Island which was christened Hades' Battleaxe.
  • For the 10th Anniversary build competition, he made a statue of a Steve Policeman, which was dedicated to the iconic mob of MCO.
  • Built a new home south of New Eden and close to Ravenscrest Village called Welkin Castle where he plans to live in the foreseeable future.
  • In the process of constructing a personal museum of all the most valuable items he's found on the server which only a few staff members have seen.
  • Built three pixel art feathers that were spread throughout Freedonia, and at each a special item was put there for the lucky player who found it. Two have already been found by FadedDucky and Aziroeth, but the last has yet to be discovered.
  • Has a small build in spawn, a temple-type structure that has a secret...

Battle of Welkin Castle

On the morning of January 20th, 2021, Griffin read in chat that jimmyd93 was inflicting some of the other players with infinite slowness, blindness and other bad effects. Although he wasn't exactly sure what would happen, Griffin told jimmy that he could tease him instead. A minute later, while at his base Welkin Castle, Griffin saw jimmy appear and immediately summon giants, ghasts, slimes and charged creepers. One of Griffin's iron golems began attacking the mobs, but died only a minute later. Griffin grabbed his best gear in order to defend his home, but suddenly had slowness, poison, and decay. Even after splashing himself with speed 2, he was rooted in place, unable to move. He pearled away from the giants into another spot of his castle but became trapped there by giants riding on top of wolves. He stood there for awhile, trying to keep the mobs at bay as jimmy watched in silence. But at last, he remembered he had a milk bucket in his enderchest, which sat right next to his /home point. So he got the milk and was back in action. Taking his god sword Moralltach, he quickly slew the giants, ghasts and charged creepers. But jimmy was still not done. He spawned in a giant slime which, as he put it, would follow Griffin forever until he was dead. Fortunately for Griffin, he finally had some help. A few of the dogs spawned in by jimmy had turned on him, and were now fighting against the mobs that he spawned to kill Griffin. Encouraged by the reinforcements, and armed to the teeth with potions, gapples and his god sword, Griffin attacked the slime. It was a long battle, lasting almost fifteen minutes, as with each death the slime would multiply into smaller entities. A few of the dogs died, heroically standing with their new master instead of jimmy. By this time, jimmy had decided to leave and spawn hostile mobs in DarthDan_42069's base, so it was just the slime. Eventually, the last tiny slime was slain, and Welkin Castle was freed.


Griffin was promoted to Moderator on February 6, 2021, along with his fellow players Leah_Starcraft, ServL, and yourshadowdr, all three of which he believes were deserving of the promotion. Unlike his new fellow moderators, Griffin had a bit of a heads up from staff that he was going to be promoted, but it still was a pleasant surprise when it happened.

 < TheDemetri> hmm
 < TheDemetri> do you smell smth
 < Void42_> i do smell smth
 < TheDemetri> it smells like a lot of... blue
 < The_Jackal_249> It does indeed
 < TheDemetri> wouldnt you say griff
 < TheGriffinLord> huh
 < Mechman007> GRATS
 < LordOfTheShadows> CONGRATS
 < TheGriffinLord> o.o
 < TheDemetri> welcome to the team brudda
 < Leah_Starcraft> blue griffin best griffin
 < TheGriffinLord> thx everyone

Funny Moments

When Eclypto found a tiny slime in spawn.

 < Eclypto18> I shall name you jimmy
 < Eclypto18> you are safe my child
 < GriffinLord12> i nominate myself as an honorary guard for jimmy the slime
 < Eclypto18> griffin, if he dies, you die
 < GriffinLord12> i hereby resign as guard
 < Eclypto18> xD
 < TheGriffinLord> uhoh
 < TheGriffinLord> jimbos here
 [jimmy teleports to griffin]
 < TheGriffinLord> o.O
 < jimmyd93> So you no die by me yet? hmmm
 < TheGriffinLord> erm
 < TheGriffinLord> bye
 <TheGriffinLord left the game>

Having fun with Unkle_Genny in chat. The context of this conversation has been lost.

 < TheGriffinLord> ComplexmindedGamer
 < Unkle_Genny> SandwhichRaunch
 < TheGriffinLord> FinalReckoning
 < Unkle_Genny> SarcasmRehabilitation
 < TheGriffinLord> SubwayRanch
 < Unkle_Genny> SoliloquyReimbursement

Griffin and Deme somehow ended up in a plant pun battle in chat.

 < TheDemetri its tree-son then
 < TheGriffinLord deme we'll grass that bridge when we get to it
 < TheDemetri i just wanted to get to the root of the problem
 < TheGriffinLord no need to be so seedy
 < TheDemetri time to spruce your jokes up
 < TheGriffinLord but i like corn-y jokes
 < TheDemetri but you should go back to elemen-tree school
 < TheGriffinLord what are you talking about im in high level calc-tus
 < ibxtoydog griff... just dont
 < TheGriffinLord party thyme ave ;)
 < TheDemetri i fernly beleaf my tree puns are quali-tree, yours are not :(
 < TheGriffinLord ouch
 < TheGriffinLord *withers and dies*
 < TheDemetri bwahaha, thats what you get you son of a birch


For players who want to contribute to this page with their opinions of TheGriffinLord.

< Darkerfly> Chill person, not chill when he portal trapped me.