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User TheGriffinLord

Notch Apple Enthusiast

Known as griff, griffin
Gender Male
Nationality American
DOB xxxx-12-12
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined 22 April 2020
First building Fort Halcyon
Donor level * Donor
Kit level ***** Diamond
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"TheGriffinLord says goodnight and dont let the endermen bite."

"Have you got notchies?" TheGriffinLord

"Hi griffin why did you break that torch :)" FlyingJellyfish

"Griffin is wise" 1Catnip

"ok griffin for the longest time I thought your face was a creepy smile" ServL

Group Photo at Spawn taken by GriffinLord12
Vibing on the Quartz Stairs at Spawn
Memorial for an iron golem that died from a giant spawned by jimmyd93


A builder and true survival player, TheGriffinLord is generally a nice guy who would, more often than not, choose peace over warfare; but occasionally he will participate in PvP for the fun of it. If you see him in Freedonia, he will most likely be collecting materials for a build, exploring new parts of the server, or asking people if they would donate their head to his collection.


  • Notch Apples
  • Coffee
  • Iron Golems
  • Enchanted Golden Apples
  • Exploring Freedonia
  • Lore
  • Notchies
  • Collecting items for his personal museum
  • The shiny gold apples that give you fire res, regen, resistance and absorption.


  • Griefers
  • Toxic players
  • Bad language
  • Combat loggers
  • Not much else, he's not a hater


  • The first build Griffin made was a cobble / stone brick house called Fort Halcyon which lies about 3k blocks east of Spawn. Some other builds which he made around it include a statue of himself (yes, he is very humble), the tallest melon tower on MCO, a treetop museum where he used to keep part of his head collection and some other collectibles, a large Nether portal, and a few gravestones for the beloved mobs who died.
  • At the request of pretzel33, he built a Nether-themed axe at Sand Island which was christened Hades' Battleaxe.
  • For the 10th MCO Birthday build competition, he made a statue of a Steve Policeman, dedicated to the iconic mob of MCO.
  • Built a home south of New Eden called Welkin Castle.
  • Constructed a mostly-finished personal museum called the Chambers of Silence.
  • Built three pixel art feathers that were spread throughout Freedonia, and at each a special item was put there for the lucky player who found it. Two have already been found as of 10/6/2021 by FadedDucky and then Aziroeth, but the last has yet to be discovered. Don't ask Griffin for coords because even he doesn't remember.
  • Made a small build in spawn, a temple-type structure that has a secret...
  • Owns an end city and ocean monument, both of which he has slightly expanded and improved.


Griffin was promoted to Moderator on February 6, 2021, along with his fellow players Leah_Starcraft, ServL, and yourshadowdr, all three of which he believes were deserving of the promotion. Griffin had a bit of a heads up from staff that he was going to be promoted eventually, but it still was a pleasant surprise when it happened.

 < TheDemetri> hmm
 < TheDemetri> do you smell smth
 < Void42_> i do smell smth
 < TheDemetri> it smells like a lot of... blue
 < The_Jackal_249> It does indeed
 < TheDemetri> wouldnt you say griff
 < TheGriffinLord> huh
 < Mechman007> GRATS
 < LordOfTheShadows> CONGRATS
 < TheGriffinLord> o.o
 < TheDemetri> welcome to the team brudda
 < Leah_Starcraft> blue griffin best griffin
 < TheGriffinLord> thx everyone


During the Holidonia event, Griffin stayed by himself and did not join any factions. Instead, he headed far out on the negative x-axis and set up a small camp for himself to fish and grow sugar cane. The first player he met was Krenath, who was in the Nether mining for quartz. They exchanged a somewhat cautious greeting before Krenath, whose killaura happened to be on, accidentally attacked several zombie piglins. Seeing a chance to kill the supergod donor, Griffin took it and slew Krenath.

Several days later, Griffin came online and found his dogs killed, nether portal trapped, and enchantment table stolen. So he packed up and went farther along the x-axis where he found an untouched village. After recruiting a few librarians and a blacksmith, he began grinding for good gear in expectation of eventually returning to spawn. He was able to get good enchantments for three armor pieces, upgraded two of which to netherite, and also made a sharpness 5 axe called "Griffin's Banhammer." However, he never used them and on the day before the return of Freedonia, he disposed of his entire inventory, ate one of his notch apples, and fell to his death as a symbol of the quick and fatal ending to Holidonia.

Griffin was only one of two players during Holidonia to possess an elytra because the limited world border of Holidonia prevented players from reaching the outer end islands. The first player was Krenath whose elytra Griffin had taken after their battle.

Funny Moments

When Eclypto found a tiny slime in spawn.

 < Eclypto18> I shall name you jimmy
 < Eclypto18> you are safe my child
 < GriffinLord12> i nominate myself as an honorary guard for jimmy the slime
 < Eclypto18> griffin, if he dies, you die
 < GriffinLord12> i hereby resign as guard
 < Eclypto18> xD

An encounter with the Chaosweaver.

 < TheGriffinLord> uhoh
 < TheGriffinLord> jimbos here
 [jimmy teleports to griffin]
 < TheGriffinLord> o.O
 < jimmyd93> So you no die by me yet? hmmm
 < TheGriffinLord> erm
 < TheGriffinLord> bye
 <TheGriffinLord left the game>

Joking around with Netrom5 in chat while he was on his alt when NinjagoKristian thought Netrom had lost his legacy rank.

 < NinjagoKristian> Netrom6 what happened to your rank
 < Netrom6> i was banned
 < NinjagoKristian> for?
 < Netrom6> i accidently griefed the entire spawn and replaced it with pumpkins
 < Netrom6> honest mistake
 < TheGriffinLord> mhm very honest
 < NinjagoKristian> Netrom would never di that LOL
 < TheGriffinLord> in fact i was the mod who banned him
 < TheGriffinLord> very sad day for me
 < NinjagoKristian> TheGriffin STFU
 < Netrom6> me too griffin, but i understand why you did it
 < TheGriffinLord> im glad your appeal worked netrom
 < TheGriffinLord> thx i appreciate it
 < NinjagoKristian> BEFORE I EAT YOU
 < Netrom6> thank you, i hate when the hacker group anonymous hacks my user
 < Netrom6> happens now and then
 < TheGriffinLord> tsk tsk those hackers man
 < NinjagoKristian> Was his account compromised?
 < TheGriffinLord> reminds me of when i accidentally hacked into demetris account and turned the whole server into glass blocks
 < Netrom6> hate those accidents
 < TheGriffinLord> ikr
 < Netrom6> so annoying
 < TheGriffinLord> felt pretty bad but my cat hit the hack key
 < NinjagoKristian> STFU WITH THE LIES LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!
 < TheGriffinLord> what was i supposed to do?

Griffin and Deme somehow ended up in a plant pun battle in chat.

 < TheDemetri its tree-son then
 < TheGriffinLord deme we'll grass that bridge when we get to it
 < TheDemetri i just wanted to get to the root of the problem
 < TheGriffinLord no need to be so seedy
 < TheDemetri time to spruce your jokes up
 < TheGriffinLord but i like corn-y jokes
 < TheDemetri but you should go back to elemen-tree school
 < TheGriffinLord what are you talking about im in high level calc-tus
 < ibxtoydog griff... just dont
 < TheGriffinLord party thyme ave ;)
 < TheDemetri i fernly beleaf my tree puns are quali-tree, yours are not :(
 < TheGriffinLord ouch
 < TheGriffinLord *withers and dies*
 < TheDemetri bwahaha, thats what you get you son of a birch


For players who want to contribute to this page with their opinions of TheGriffinLord.

< Darkerfly> Chill person, not chill when he portal trapped me.
< 1Catnip> best subservient, ok judge, not so good at making emojis