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User Raflamar

A Masked Figure

Gender Male
Nationality British
DOB -03-1st
In Freedonia
First joined 24 March 2019
First building Sanctaphrax
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After first joining Minecraft after a long time away, Raflamar was his third account. His first originating from 2013 (MyMateMinecraft) and his second from 2014 (BlueSlimeGamer). He first joined the server March 24th 2019, after hearing of the servers existence and realising that the servers he once enjoyed just wasn’t going to cut it.

However, his first interactions on the server wasn’t much, he was on the quieter side. Didn’t interact with anyone in chat, honestly just went unnoticed. He went through half the tour before visiting spawn for the first time. He headed off to the only location he had already known about, Lavatown. But decided to continue on to Muu Isle. Where he headed off and settled himself inside an old abandoned home. Raflamars early months (Mar-Apr) were troublesome. The house he settled and fixed counted as grief so he got his first warning for that. Heading off to a nearby ice lake he built a home of his own which he named Sanctaphrax. Of which it’s location is still unrevealed. Although he has had his music disks stolen by a mysterious player that left Yelp Reviews around the property.

Over the following week he would work alone, before heading to Imperialcrise and Vryam city of Crowns Landing. Where he built a basic acacia house to start off with.




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Group selfie taken by mSup
2020-06-06 20.29.46.png

Group selfie taken by Raflamar
2020-06-06 18.46.18.png

Raflamar's Land June 6th 2020
06-06-2020 Raflamar’s Land.jpeg Leah_Starcraft Riding a Horse
2020-08-03 Leah Riding a Horse.png

August 4th Group Photo
2020-08-04 Birthday Group Photo.png

Announcements Group Photo
2020-08-04 ScarClaw72's Announcements Group Photo.png

Winning Team of Capture The Flag
2020-08-04 21.26.22.png

The Pilgrimage's End
Winx51's Pilgrimage End.jpg

Performing Arts Center
Performing Arts Center.jpg