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User Ledoyom

Fursuit >^.^<

Known as Ledoyom
Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Occupation Mechanic
In Freedonia
First joined June 2018
First building Trade ship at Winterthorn
Kit level ***** Diamond
Legacy donor level ***** Diamond
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 Maow >^.^<


  • Ledoyom started on this server after the server he moderated on had partly shut down to only allow specific foreign location players. Ledoyom was very depressed and needed to find a new server he could enjoy without worry of loosing all his buildings from a map reset. After building a small home he ventured out to gather resources.

After playing the server for a period of time Ledoyom met LewisD95 of Obernai whom allowed him to build in the settlement. LewisD95 disliked the ugly cobblestone drop tower zombie grinder and Ledoyom obliged to fix it and prove his skills as a builder of Obernai's specific style! (come see Obernai)

  • After Ledoyom completed the tower coverup LewisD95 was so impressed he gave rights for Ledoyom to become a staff member of the city. Ledoyom decided to build a town hall for information on the city and the future location of the "Knights of Obernai".
  • Ledoyom is a safe to view furry if you want to see my fursuit


Ledoyom is currently -Expanding his shop in Obernai -Expanding his vault resources and grinders for materials -Making a 3d statue of his fursuit -Collaborative project with DosMiniDoc -Pixel art for a personal map