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User Liastrae

The Trademark Liastrae Face/Mask

Known as Lias
Gender Male
Location England
Nationality Hellspawn
DOB -11-12th
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined March 27th 2011
First building A little cave near Spawn, adjacent to a strange brick-spiral-thing.
Kit level ***** Diamond
Legacy donor level ***** Diamond
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'You used to be a dick, but now you're all sunshine and rainbows.' - winx51


Liastrae is a well-known regular, spending most of his time wandering around, building, PvPing and failing to produce quality Greports. In the past, Liastrae has been known for heavy amounts of PvP; he is currently the leader of the group Mortis Vivos, and was previously the founder of the disbanded group, The Accord. After an in-depth interview with the Voice of Freedonia, it was reported that, 'After some recent self-reflection, Liastrae concluded that his large amount of PvP had been “damaging the Freedonian community”, and has vowed to stop. As for his reasons, Liastrae says that he “no longer wants to be affiliated with those like dethshok and AlexFD.” He will instead return to what he did when he first joined Freedonia: building, helping the community, and welcoming players to the server.' However, this vow was bound not to last, and in less than a year he was rooted again in the dark side.

Liastrae has been voted Best Troll three times consecutively, and Best PvPer twice, to which he is still smug and astonished.

Personality and Attitude

Liastrae regards himself as a cynical pessimist, though recently has been getting better at complimenting builds, due to the amount of time he has spent with the kids on captbunzo's server. He enjoys talking to people and considers himself quite a social character, though his sense of humor is only perceived correctly by a handful of people, as it relies 98% on sarcasm.

The Modding

'If they're natural life, cut with strife; but placed by man, expect a ban' - Liastrae

On the 15th of August, 2012, Liastrae was promoted to Moderator. For many of the residents of Freedonia, including himself, this was a surprise considering his love of trolling and PvP. At the time of the modding, SlowRiot was attempting to decapitate Liastrae with an extremely potent weapon. A cat-and-mouse situation occurred, with Liastrae eventually being torn from the mortal realm. Upon resurrection, his name appeared cyan.

The Resignation

After serving five months as a staff member, Liastrae resigned on the 22nd of January, 2013. A heartfelt e-mail was written to all fellow staff members, but due to problems with the system at the time, nobody received it. In order for Liastrae's kind words to be read, MattyQ manually forwarded the e-mail to all the staff. There were several reasons surrounding Liastrae's resignation, however the main one was stress induced by mounting pressure to behave like a reasonable human being.

Wise Words Liastrae seen stalking his unsuspecting prey.
  • 'Liastrae: Kindness is key to getting anywhere on this server.'
  • 'Liastrae: 'Chinko is here to be enjoyed. No amount of bitching and whining can change that.'
  • 'Liastrae: I can get creepier, Jelly.. Especially if I start whispering like this.. *HEAVY BREATHING*' (TeamSpeak)
  • 'Liastrae: I only kill people who piss me off.
  • Reseres: You killed me when I was standing still
  • Liastrae: People who loiter piss me off.
  • Reseres: I was reading a sign
  • Liastrae: People who can read piss me off.'
  • 'Liastrae: It looks like someone has mixed cobblestone with shit and tried to make a house out of the result.'
  • 'Liastrae: Do me a favour and fuck off, you festering heap of womb-flesh.'
  • 'Liastrae: Penis.'
  • 'Liastrae: FUCK'


Liastrae is known to do a funny impression of SlowRiot on TeamSpeak. FlyingJellyfish is sexy.

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