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User captbunzo

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Known as bunzo or paul
Gender Male
Location England
Nationality American
DOB 1977-12-6
Occupation Computer Programmer
In Freedonia
First joined 18 September 2011
First building Castle Bunzo
Donor level ***** Aether
Legacy donor level ***** Aether
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Captbunzo was born in Freedonia on 18 September 2011.

He was one of the three once-or-current-admins in Glen Team, and he was the one who built the Glenfiddich Police Station. Also the creator of Nyvaria, a server for his kids (Link to Nyvaria facebook ). This server is also the a favourite haunt for many players from Mco. Generally a nice, awesome player, he is also known as an old sod

Bunzo has chosen to leave Freedonia. Those who would like to find him will likely know how. If you wish to better understand his departure, please approach him directly.

Wiki Page Graffiti

Captbunzo is too lazy to edit his own wiki page! captbunzo> "mine's only hope is that someone graffitis up my page someday and I then I have to fix it."

About Bunzo

Here is everything you will ever need to know about Captbunzo, brought to you in his own words from ingame and irc. captbunzo> "is proud to be an american" captbunzo> "doesn't hang with anyone who says totes"

Bunzo is a magical being who can change his age at will. captbunzo> "I am 34" captbunzo> "and winx, I am 78 next month"

Bunzo claims to be an ordinary programmer, but in reality he is the diabolical leader of hordes of minions who write bad code. captbunzo> "as a perfectionist, I like having the opportunity to fix badly written code." captbunzo> "one of my minion's wrote it while I didn't have enough time to observe what was being done...."

Captbunzo is also secretly a cannibal captbunzo> "eats palindrome's face"

and has a strange interest in minecraft cats captbunzo> "screenshots his kitties getting it on"

He also advocates for continuing progress in modern medicine. captbunzo> "needs a cure for a hangover headache" bubba_basti Captbunzo is a remarkably observant individual captbunzo> "notices nosefish notice the return of bubba"

who leads a very exciting life captbunzo> "attempts the impossible" captbunzo> "time to see if I can fall from the sky and place a block underneath another block as I place it!

and he longs for the soft light of day on his sexy brow. captbunzo> "longs for the soft light of day on his sexy brow"

Bunzo's Opinions on People

Bunzo says Drathus42 is the man. captbunzo> "drathus IS the man..."

he thinks that Krenath is like a guru who sits on a mountain and gives out wisdom to travellers who seek him. captbunzo> "kren speaks wisely......."

He has mixed feelings about FlyingJellyfish captbunzo> "jelly's a madwoman!!" captbunzo> "jelly is a very bad person!" captbunzo> "jelly's my hero!" captbunzo> "woot for jelly!"

Captbunzo sees through bubba_basti's pathetic human disguise captbunzo> "bubba's a mooooonnnnkeeeey...."

Life Advice from Bunzo

Captbunzo is a very wise person, and has given his friends much good advice during his time on mco. Here are some of his sayings to help guide you in your own life. captbunzo> "the floor either is, or is not"

There is no trying to have a floor, try is not an option. captbunzo> "level of specialization doesn't always mean more money"

now you too can make it rain money like bunzo. captbunzo> "not all Christians are insane"

While not all Christians are insane, Bunzo himself is quite insane and admits it freely. However he also points out that: captbunzo> "sanity is overrated"

now there's a saying you could live your life by. captbunzo> "I think it is often wise to wait to have sex, rather than to rush it"

there you have it kids, don't rush sex! captbunzo> "it's not the size of the whee, it's how you use it!"

saying "whee!" is just as good as shouting "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" if you time it well and use it in the appropriate context. captbunzo> "only YOOOOOUUU are responsible for keeping your account secure"

A man never spoke truer words. Only YOU can protect your minecraft account from hackers and griefing friends or siblings! captbunzo> "I recommend a diamond sword. Or maybe a cookie."

It is always a good idea to use a diamond sword or a cookie.