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User secretsnail9

Catgirl with Mooshroom Face

Known as snail
Gender snail
Location America, CST
Nationality American
DOB 2002-02-27
Occupation being poor
In Freedonia
First joined 13 July 2016
First building Mining Mine near Mines of Glen
Kit level *** Iron
Legacy donor level *** Iron
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Snail joined MinecraftOnline after hearing about it on the 2b2t subreddit, and wanted to actually have fun on this server as opposed to the very non-fun they had on 2b2t. Joined server July 13, 2016. Joined the town of Mystria. Built the New England Multi Colored Offices, or NEMCO for short. Also created the New Englin Bridge and the Piestria Bridge. Made an automatic pumpkin pie farm in Jibtopia (which has since been disassembled to be moved, but has been broken in the process). A replacement farm was created in Spring City.

Vice President of Fakestaff (which is long dead), they built tons of their head around the region of Actopia. They built a house over in Jibtopia and became part of the town.

Solo Builds (in order of memorability)

A certain pixel art to the Northwest of Spring City (removed for legal reasons)

Orange and Silver Fox Pixel Art

A giant 64 by 64 pixel art of their face located southwest of Fakestaff HQ


An big wall of furnaces near a nexus

16 Wool warriors south of Green Acres

A stone brick statue near Unknown Valley, and the wall around the village

A bunch of really dumb long lines of blocks spanning too far

Oshino Shinobu Map Art (still in progress)

Cooperative Efforts

Fakestaff HQ

Project MOON Lunar Vault Entrance

Bridge to Mystria

Places of Houses/Residencies


Spring City


Fakestaff HQ

Snail's Various Holes Across the Land

Hole of Knadrock

Hole of Romance, located in NHCity

Hole of Mystery, located near Fakestaff HQ

Humble Hobbit Hole, located south of New Dublin

Hole of Wonder, near ThunderClan

A lot more in forgotten places

Unfinished Projects (In order of will to finish)

Oshino Shinobu Map Art (Over 70% done i think)

Another, smaller (hopefully), map art

Hole of Romance

Water town thing near Sandy Bottom

128x128 face (oh noooo)