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User Okibdoki

Is my face derpy?

Known as Okibdoki/Oki
Gender Male
Location USA
Nationality American
In Freedonia
First joined 30 May 2018
First building Small cobble house on a random island.
Staff member Moderator
Donor level **** Donor IV
Kit level ***** Demigod
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First joined on May 30, 2018, though didn't really start playing for another month.

After playing with the warp system I used /wilderness and swam to a small island.

I stayed at that house for only a few days before coming in contact with TheRedstoneJava. He was building a town, and I figured that helping was better than living in a cobble hut on an island.

After building a few small structures, TheRedstoneJava stopped coming online as much, so I focused on my own base.

The Oasis

I founded The Oasis to help myself and others explore the world and make it more beautiful. Hirudo6 was the first member of The Oasis, having stumbled upon the wiki page before it was completed.


After hearing so much about the so called "Fake Japan", I asked Hirudo6 for permission to build there. I was asked to build in the European District, where I made a small tavern/inn. Other builds there include my house for the Residency Raffle, and the Super Smelter.

I am one of Saikyos two employees.


Originally founded by NotSleepless, Sleeptopia was given to me when Sleepless got bored of it.

Freedonian Health & Safety Commission

The Freedonian Health & Safety Commission rates the safety of public builds, standards include, chance of dying, chances of accidentally getting stuck, and chances of mob spawnings.


  • Building
  • Exploring
  • Giving directions
  • Not dying
  • Automatic farms


  • PVP
  • People who kill noobs
  • Grief
  • Dying
  • Wiki pages with no information

Affiliations (in order of joining)

Okibdoki is a co-builder of Runic City, construction of which seems to be paused.

He founded The Oasis, an organization dedicated to beautifying and intrestifying(not a real word) the landscape.

Shortly after he joined the Nexus Tourism Company after speaking with Hirudo6.

Bored of not building anything, Okibdoki asked to build in Saikyo, and after building several things became one of the Town Staff.

On 2/16/19 Okibdoki became a member of the Peaceful Society.