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User Hirudo6

It's just a mask

Known as Hiru, Hirudo
Gender Male
Location USA
Nationality American
DOB 19**-11-07
In Freedonia
First joined 09 July 2018
First building Yoru no Jiin
Donor level * Donor
Kit level **** Gold
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Your average explorer, builder, city planner.

Who am I?

You've probably come to my page to learn about me, so I’ll provide some context for you.

A user

I am a user that joined, as my infobox says, in early July of 2018. I originally joined in my search for the fabled ‘oldest minecraft server.’ Through watching youtube videos, my original expectation was to find 2b2t. I soon stumbled across MinecraftOnline instead, and decided to stay. My start on the server was tumultuous and somewhat lonely: My first action was, similar to many others, to seek out a distant place to call my own, to make my mark on the piece of history that is Freedonia.

The Founder of Saikyo

My first project and original home on the server was a Japanese Castle. I chose my homeland based on the distinctive shape of the island, which was very reminiscent of Japan. As I was something of a weeb, that was good enough for me. The castle was based off the tutorial made by Grian, a youtuber I really enjoy. I tried to give it my own spin, making it out of black wool and having different arches.

Once that was finished, I turned my eye to the land inward. Though I did not come to the server to do so, I became determined to found a great city, one that would cover the whole land. I named it ‘Saikyo.’ In Japanese this means ‘Western Capital,’ a mirror to real-world Tokyo. (‘Eastern Capital’’) I worked tirelessly to build and improve my city. It took a long time and lots of work, but Saikyo now stands as one of the few bastions of civilization and beauty in the far west.

A part of the community

My antisocial nature notwithstanding, I did what I could to build the MCO community; trading, socializing, and participating. I built homes in places like Obernai and Shoretown. I became a regular.

Eventually, though, real life began to catch up to me. I had schooling to do, things to learn. I began making preparations to leave MCO for a while, doing as much as I could before I had to go. I finished up projects, organized things, planning to shut down all development of Saikyo. I worked heavily on the west Nether Highway, probably my greatest contribution to public infrastructure to date. I planned to leave things behind for people to remember me.

A(n Ex) Moderator

My plans, however, changed during the final week before I planned to leave. The Frenchocalypse broke loose, and in response, I was made a mod by Anna_28. This was a surprise to me, as, before this point, there had only been two promotions since I joined. (And only four for the whole year of 2018) It was a bad time for the staff team. Grateful for the trust, yet regretful I had to leave, I handed management of my city over to Okibdoki, a trusted comrade, and departed. A cryptic code was the only clue I left as to why.

An artifact

I came back, after a while. I had spent a year studying in Japan, but the covid-19 pandemic caught me in its wake and forced me to return home. A whole year having passed, I returned to a brand-new McO. A whole new generation of players and staff had grown, and the server had become a different place. I was surprised at all of the active staff, and unsurprised to discover I was no longer a mod. I counted the great demotion of October 6th as a victory, and an opportunity to start with a clean slate.

Back again

As I readjusted to normal life, I got to work. Having a year away from all my creations and projects had given me a new perspective, but this was not fully realized until I was chosen to watch over the Highlands, an incredibly beautiful, but deserted, secret land. Inspired by the beautiful builds, (particularly the Japanese ones,) my passion was ignited, and I began tearing down many old buildings in Saikyo, determined to replace them. This project occupied me for many months as I slowly acclimated to the new culture of McO. I continued like this for about six months, until an unexpected contact from the admins. On October 6th, exactly one year after my demotion, I got re-promoted. I started to feel like I had never left, especially as I worked on other projects.

Nowadays, you can usually find me working on my builds, exploring Freedonia, or editing this wiki. Discord is the best way to contact me, but I will respond to talk page edits and /mail too.


Things I've done or helped with over the years. In no particular order.

My pride and joy.
Aeston Isle
Leader, builder
Little Quebec
Owner, builder
Homeowner, builder, Head
Oasis Kingdom
Tower Owner
Phoenix Isles
Skyscraper Owner
Zaioka Nature Preserve
Spawn Beautification Project
Member, builder of Quercus Manor
League of Peaceful Towns and Settlements
Member, Peacekeeper
Wiki Warriors
The Oasis
Nether Highway System
Builder of the west highway
Veservan Road Network
Saikyo Printing Company
Owner, writer


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