Peaceful Society

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Organisations Peaceful Soiciety
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Main HQ

Leadership NHC_THK
Headquarters Peaceful Society Headquarters
Founded 6 June 2017
Public? Yes
Status Unknown

The Peaceful Society is an organisation that was founded by the infamous NHC_THK.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do?

This is a peaceful organisation, our members will not kill anyone deliberately, because we are by nature peaceful!

What do you need to follow?

Members of the Society are against PvP: you will no longer kill or cause harm to anyone, excluding accidents. However, if you are attacked by another player, the Peaceful Society has no problems with self-defence.

Where can you find our headquarters?

There are three headquarters. The first is located in NHCity, located close the nexus pad there. The other is located in Spring City.

There is also a Third Headquarters in Snaketown, under the Freedonia General Assembly.

What do you need to join?

Nothing, just get in contact with NHC_THK if you wish to join.


Thanks To ickyacky and Bob_Oats

Peace Contract (The Peace Contract 2017)

We have made a "Peace Contract" for the servers towns. Towns that joined:

Former Members

Banned Players From The Peace Contract