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User ServL

The Dynamo

Gender Male
Nationality American
Occupation Many, currently in Process Automation
In Freedonia
First joined 4 December 2020
First building A wood hut in Ravale
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donated
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< Darkerfly> Furry boy canon! ServL is an outgoing player who likes to meet new people and work on interesting projects.

He joined Freedonia after many years of yearning for a Minecraft server that prevented griefing but also had a rich history and a mature, friendly community.

You can usually find him working on an overambitious project, wandering around the server looking for cool stuff, or hanging out in voice chat. If you see him, don't be afraid to say hi! Unlike real-life servals, he won't smack you--unless you smack first.

Developer Promotion

I was given the position of Developer by 14mRh4X0r on January 25, 2021, to my immense excitement. This turned to dismay when I realized it meant I would actually have to work on the server (just kidding, it'll be fun!) Hopefully I can help make Freedonia a bit better for all the cool players here!

Moderator Promotion

On February 6, TheGriffinLord got promoted (huge congrats to him by the way, he really deserved it). After this it looked like I hadn't made the cut since the admins seemed to be wrapping up. I logged off to get dinner, but right after I left TheDarkrai85 told me I should probably log back in. Whereupon this happened:

< ServL> I lied I'm back XD techkid6 joined the game
< techkid6> Hey guys 
< techkid6> Hey ServL 
< ServL> uh, yeah? 
< Ertum_> ohabahai tech 
< techkid6> Wait what 
< ServL> what 
< techkid6> There 
< Mechman007> LOL 
< Mechman007> gg 
< Aziroeth> :DDDD 
< bawest> gg 
< LordOfTheShadows> Congrats! 
< jriver_15> GG! 
< Zomon333> GG ServL 
< ServL> uhhhhhhh 
< ServL> what 
< MelonHeadKid> GG 
< Ertum_> OH GG! :D 
< jriver_15> ur blue 
< TwitchyBeanz> nice one 
< ServL> wow, thanks everybody! 

Afterword, Leah_Starcraft and yourshadowdr were promoted as well! An exciting training session ensued in which ServL was trained by techkid6, and soon four new (and very cool) moderators were unleashed on the unsuspecting land of Freedonia. Who knows what trouble they'll all get up to now? ServL would like to thank everyone who recommended him for the moderator position or otherwise helped out along his MCO journey. It means a lot to him! ServL made the 40999th ban, banning ObamaGamingXD for breaking an item frame. He probably needs better luck for the milestone next time.

Funny Moderator Moments

After rm101ing a player that tried to run away at least fifteen times:

< SebyKitten> Do you always torture new players?
< ServL> Did you read the rules Horigome?
< Horigome> witch ones i saw to many rules
< ServL> There are only three rules
< ServL> Unless you are a rabbit 3 =/= many
< ServL> How many of the rules do you know?
< Horigome> none

After interrogating someone for addition griefing their hourly gift (obsidian):

< ServL> You broke the rules Amadeo
< ServL> Do you know them?
< Amadeo121> I thou that it was a gug
< Amadeo121> bug
< ServL> It's not a bug. What are the rules, Amadeo?
< Amadeo121> That you cannot park your car on the sidewalk, today I've seen people don't respecting itt

After catching someone x-raying with Eclypto18:

< Eclypto18> So Irtox
< IrtoxMan> yseah
< Eclypto18> you're well aware of our rules, correct?
< IrtoxMan> im wating for admin
< ServL> imagine saying that in front of an admin
< Eclypto18> Irtox
< Eclypto18> Ive been following you for the last 40 minutes
< Eclypto18> And I watched you xray diamonds during your mining trips
< IrtoxMan> wait
< Eclypto18> I even watched you mine diamonds I planted
< IrtoxMan> can i ligth nether portal?
< Eclypto18> Do you want to explain to me why you cheated?
< IrtoxMan> i dont cheated?
< Eclypto18> Im not asking if you xrayed. Im asking why
< IrtoxMan> my friend buling me
(MCS) IrtoxMan was hit with the banhammer! (40993 bans)


- Talking about any nerdy or otherwise complicated topic

- Learning about server history

- Stalking players without them noticing

- Funny trolls (a very rare breed these days)

- Big investigations of rulebreakers apparently


- People who waste staff's time

- People who follow the letter of MCO's rules, but not their spirit

- People being rude to new players (everyone was new once!)

- Being mistaken for supserv/ KingServal