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User ServL

"The Apostate"

Known as FurvL, ServerL, SevereL, Catboy
Gender Male
Nationality American
Occupation Many
In Freedonia
First joined 4 December 2020
First building A wood hut in Ravale
Donor level * Donor
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On MCO, your legacy is a farce

I joined this server with excessive ambition. But reality can destroy even the most dedicated beliefs. I do not regret joining this server. I do not regret making friends here. But I do regret not being able to do the things I always wanted to. I regret my inability to fix the problems I saw. And I regret not being able to leave as amicably as I desired.

Here are some things to know about me:

  -I do not want to be remembered.
  -I will not be remembered fondly.
  -I do not want to be respected.
  -I am not someone to become curious about.

While I am glad that some members of the server have appreciated my service as a developer and moderator, I hope that they sever that appreciation and instead extend it towards having fun on the server for their own sake. MCO is not a place to serve on behalf of others. I was not willing to accept this, so I have made my choice and accept the consequences.

“ServL has chosen to leave Freedonia. Those who would like to find him will likely know how. If you wish to better understand his departure, please approach him directly.”
< Darkerfly> ServL is the best ServL I ever met.    
< TheGriffinLord> gl in your endeavors serv, while you may not want respect you certainly have mine.