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User Snowenti


Known as Snow, Snowy
Gender Pretty Girl
Nationality American
In Freedonia
First joined 12 Februrary 2023
First building Pallet Town House :3
Donor level * Donor
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< Darkerfly> They are pretty cool I guess.
A cinematic photo of Babylonia taken by moxieskip



Snowenti's current project is helping doublehelix457 build his new settlement Babylonia. One of the first buildings there, was the Babylonia Station made by Snow and Luigifan100.

Newport Brick Mall Snowenti helped the construction of the brick mall in newport.

Snowland Snowenti Lives in snowland.

Newport District Snowenti is currently in the process of making a new district in Newport

- Brick Mall

She also helped in the construction of Newport's new Brick Mall.

Favourite Screenshots

Adore on fire.pngBuff Rabbit Cinematic.pngFishingShaders.pngHelix Moderator.pngHelixWhatWillHeDo.pngI am sorry Cinematic.pngThe Brick Mall Cinematic.pngNewport Nexus Cinematic.png

Contributions / Residency

Babylonia - Contributor

Vexillum Village - Founder

Pallet Town - Residency

Cakeville - Residency

Snowland - Residency / Association

Where to Find Her

You can find Snowenti on discord as Snowenti🌺🌼#0400, or on her Site!