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User swissm4n


Known as swiss
Gender Male
Location Switzerland
Nationality swiss
DOB 1994-01-8
Occupation things
In Freedonia
First joined 26 September 2019
First building Flag of Switzerland
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Aether
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In his early days on MCO swissm4n was known for his oversized sheep farms. Now known for being the guy with outrageous DiamondMall prices, the guy who looted a good portion of the End cities, or the guy who has way too many traps in his base. swissm4n likes building farms of all sorts and is always eager to help other players with craftbook or redstone.

Notable builds

Comments from other players on this page

< Darkerfly> The King of Capitalism on mco.
< TheHellVetia> fak u swissm3n