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nexus_commercial.png One Diamond Plaza

View of One Diamond Plaza

Owner Stockholders
Category Commercial
Underground? Partially
Public? Yes
Started 4/9/2011
Completed 5/9/2011
Size north to south 80m
Size west to east 80m
Coordinates X=-3890
Dimension Overworld
Settlement DiamondMall
Map Link

One Diamond Plaza aims to be the premier economic location in all of Freedonia. Boasting 78 shop spaces, it can house the majority of the commercial properties and outlets in the world.


View up the central cylinder
The rooftop garden
A cross section of the old Diamond Mall
A server Render inside the latest Diamond Mall
Old view of One Diamond Plaza

In the beginning, there was spawn. And it grew laggy due to the concentration of many shops, signs, and redstone devices. One fine day several of the server staff members put their heads together to try to do something about all this lagginess at spawn, and decided that if we built it, they would come. And by "it" they meant a super mall. Not just a super mall, but the One Mall, one mall to rule them all! Sorta like the One Ring, but without all those grubby little Hobbits. Oh, and no invisibility. Gollum is cool though, he can still come by the One Mall...

Anyhow, these intrepid staff players, aided by a certain God donor who shall remain nameless (not for any privacy or humility reasons, just because it sounds cooler that way), began to plan and build. Over the course of Labor Day Weekend (it's a US holiday, look it up), they um, well... labored... tirelessly until something truly wondrous emerged. After that thing passed, they returned to work on the mall.

At the end of the weekend, this tired little group looked with wonder upon their creation. What were they wondering? Most likely they were wondering why they wasted their three day weekend playing Minecraft obsessively, but that is beside the point. They saw before them an epic structure, 10 levels, 78 shop spaces, stretching from bedrock to the clouds. Realizing that there was no way they could possibly make it bigger without doing more work, they decided to leave it.

And so was born One Diamond Plaza - The One Mall. Are malls born? Maybe Hatched? Whatever, that's how it got to where it is at any rate...


Under a cliff overhang southwest of One Diamond Plaza is the site of one of Krenath's old homes. Now only a minecart marking its old position, Krenath moved out when SlowRiot suddenly built a Nexus immediately next door.

The NEW Diamond Mall

On January 2, 2014, the original Diamond Mall was destroyed, and a new one was erected in its place. The new mall was no longer cylindrical, but, rather an odd geometric pattern, somewhat resembling a cloud. It was a new era in Minecraft malls, a brilliant feat. The content of old shops was brought to a platform high above the warp, for players to grab their old shops.


  • All shops are individually protected by LionsArea, meaning that your shops cannot be griefed!
  • A beautiful garden in the center of the mall, with bridges on the upper floors to get from one side of the mall to the other
  • Monochromatic bands in the outside edge of the mall, made with Red Stained Clay, which looks really cool!
  • No more underground! The mall is entirely above ground
  • Much, much more

Mall Directory

note: This is not all kept current, and names of shops may not actually be what the owners named them.


Demo Shop empty empty
Directory Magenta Floor empty
Entrance Hallway to Nexus and FRS (Railway)
Directory empty
empty empty empty

Purple Lost_boyq's Nether Shop TrashingJews & stewe301 - Abbie's Weirds and Stranges WideEyedBass's Shop theschlozmeister's General Store Purple Floor Hyperluminous's Shop "Nebula"
[Lift] signs east hallway Filip0706's Diamond Store UncleHunter15's Shop
VACANT Selimbits's SeliShop Ender's Goods

Blue Doge_much_rare's Ender Chest Shop thesprazzzler's Royal Blue Korbs699 MINECRAFTMAN280's Diamondmall Shop Blue Floor AdoreKitten
[Lift] signs east hallway
Firehammer55 BlueBlaziken's Exceptionally Rare Goodies
Firehammer55 Firehammer55 Houh's Very Awesome Shop

Light Blue Hornacious's Depot AthenaDaMemelord LordOfTheShadows Automation Goods Ren's Shop Light Blue Floor LordOfTheShadows Automation Goods
[Lift] signs east hallway Hornacious's Prismarine Guild Shop Teaacup (Concrete & Ink Sacs) Mango's Mapart Emporium Ren's Flower Market


Uncertain which of these locations (if any still do) belong to:

VACANT VACANT SNTH SHOP DarkMatter3481's Farm&Mine Shop Cyan Floor Koi_Pond's Enchants & Potions
[Lift] signs east hallway
VACANT ReverseDmitry and Tyhdefu's Silk Touch Shop (TM)
(no info) Watchmen GmbH's Dmall Branch (dye shop)


Uncertain which of these locations (if any still do) belong to: Ertum_'s Magic Shop TheDemetri's Demetria Inc. Shop (no info)
(no info) Green Floor YourShadowDR
[Lift] signs east hallway Florens2006's Goods and Stuff NedHuman's NedCola (Potions and More) yourshadowdr's Random Shop 2b2tisFull & mrninjalex's Shop NHC_THK's NIZ Shop

Lime swissm4n's Hardware Store Miaoler_'s Potions and Stuff swissm4n's Book Store swissm4n's Dyed Wool Store Lime Floor GunCat2's x NickolasDiamond's SHOP
[Lift] signs east hallway SenatorApple's Shop NickolasDiamond's Cheap maxed tools & eytra shop
VACANT HZombieMan & RobotReaction's Cheap Stuff runarlogi's Shop


VACANT Pieapple42's Sugoi Cafe RobotReaction’s Department Store
VACANT Yellow Floor abamacus's shop
[Lift] signs east hallway Jibletz's Diamond Block Shop Banners from abamacus
VACANT Energheat's Shop VACANT

Orange ProGamerNoob's Epic Shop Oswind2911's Shop Germanec2 & Oswind2911's Shop
VACANT Orange Floor Nathln's Curiosities
[Lift] signs east hallway
VACANT VACANT ScarClaw72's Exotic Expeditions ScarClaw72's Gleaming Goods Shop xDanThePilot02's Shop for Random Stuff


Uncertain which of these locations (if any still do) belong to:

VACANT TheATrap's Isn't It Ironic - Iron and More! VACANT Alyssa41096's Shop Red Floor Olto_'s Offers
[Lift] signs east hallway 2eZ4u's Epic Food Shop Dupliz's Shop 2eZ4u's Epic Food Shop TheGriffinLord's Shop VACANT

Rules and Information


  • Diamond Plaza is managed by the server staff (admins)
  • Stalls are available for lease by the public
  • Each stall has a 10 diamonds deposit
  • Contact an admin for more detail on the lease of stalls


  • To lease multiple stalls you must have enough goods
  • Stalls are leased on a first come first serve basis
  • Unused or abandoned shops will be packed up
  • Deposits will be returned when you move or are packed up
  • Abandoned shops forfeit their deposits
  • Stall lease includes the same space on the chest level below
  • All stores must be used for shops of some kind
  • Remember to lock your chests
  • Deceptive shops or those that break the rules will forfeit their deposits


  • Players may remodel stalls within certain limits:
    • Lease holders of adjacent stalls may remove internal walls
    • Glowstone dividers shall not otherwise be removed
    • Default walls (sandstone and wool) can be removed
    • The main floor can be edited
    • The ceiling and the chest level floor cannot be touched
    • All redstone and other chests must be contained by your area
    • You may build walls on your chest level
    • You may not block the walkway with blocks or signs


Advertising on IRC

Shypixel has joined #minecraftonline
Shypixel	hello
zfleming1 has joined #minecraftonline
zfleming1	Morning Folks
Shypixel	so I am operating under the assumption that everyone now knows about One Diamond Plaza
Shypixel	and also that it is full now of shops
zfleming1	I do shy but for the sake of others tell me more!
Shypixel	Well, you did know that the flea market is closing, as well as all the big spawn shops?
Shypixel	So where might you buy things you wonder
zfleming1	I do wonder!
zfleming1	Where could I go?!
Shypixel	It so happens that One Diamond Plaza just opened its doors
zfleming1	Wow!
Shypixel	not only is it the largest shopping structure in freedonia, it also makes use of orange wool
Shypixel	which automatically makes it cool	
zfleming1	Orange wool! ooooooooooooo fancy!	
Shypixel	now, you might be asking yourself, "Self, how do I get to One Diamond Plaza?"	
zfleming1	"How do I?!"
Shypixel	all you have to do is type /warp DiamondMall
zfleming1	AMAZING!