Trinity Hall

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green_complexes.png Trinity Hall
Trinity Hall interior.png

View from the inside

Owner TBSliver
Contributors Shintyx, guyed, Tayron, xanderstrike
Category Complexes
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started February 2011
Completed N/A
Size north to south ~100m
Size west to east ~140m
Height ~70m
Coordinates X=-1567
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Trinity Hall was started around February 2011, and construction was never completed. As of 2014 it is considered a historical site.

Named after the trinity symbol, found in the centre of the main room, this is quite possibly the biggest single room in any building in Freedonia. The main room is 100 blocks across, and each of the two spires are 50 blocks across.

The building has no function, although most likely was meant to be used to house sculptures, or small creations.


Trinity Hall is south-west of the Central Nexus of Project Anubis, and is visible from the viewing platform of Project Angel.

View from the front


Runechan Pool

Runechan Pool.png

The first area to be finished in the landscaping is Runechan Pool, a small area near the northern spire.

The pool is so named because RuneChan was the first to say something after the area was finished, and it kinda works as a name.

It consists of a 3 level pool, surrounded by trees and long grass, and seems to be favoured by chickens for swimming.