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green_towns.png vhsTown
VhsTown April 2019.png
Founder getplayerhead.sh?vhsBobby&16.png vhsBobby
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=7297
Dimension Overworld
Map link

vhsTown is a settlement that was founded in 2018 by getplayerhead.sh?vhsBobby&16.png vhsBobby. It is a plot-based town that is near a land-ocean chunk border. vhsTown has two districts, a residential district and a industrial district.

Residential District

vhsTown's Residential District is the main zone of vhsTown, as this is where citizens of the town live. The town has two types of plot sizes, 9x9 and 13x13. 9x9 plots are free, and are recommended for new citizens. The 13x13 plots are bigger but cost 4 diamonds. The unofficial theme of the town is a medeival-like village, however this is not required, as vhsTown allows builds of any style or type to be built in it's residential district, as long as it's a house.

Industrial District Alpha

Picture of the Industrial Zone of vhsTown.

vhsTown's Industrial District Alpha (previously called just Industrial District) is the second zone of vhsTown. It has a public farm, mine, and nether portal. The public farm has a switch that will spit out lava from both sides of the farm. This is absolutely useless for citizens, however is recommended for visitors as it is the only way to get the crops. The public mine is a mine that, as the name entails, allows all people to go in and mine in it. The nether portal is a portal inside of a hill, stylized to look like the Nether is "leaking" into the overworld. To the left of the portal is a tunnel that connects both the residential and industrial districts. Near the ocean is getplayerhead.sh?vhsBobby&16.png vhsBobby's base, and the vhsHotel, the (now full) hotel that lets its citizens live in. Originally you were meant to get a hotel and then buy a plot for a few diamonds, however it seemed that giving people a plot was a much more effective, and less costly, method.

Industrial District Beta

vhsTown's Industrial District Beta is the third zone of vhsTown. It consists of a small melon farm and a tree farm, and is the only zone to have not been made by getplayerhead.sh?vhsBobby&16.png vhsBobby. The district was made by getplayerhead.sh?Skaibae&16.png Skaibae and getplayerhead.sh?TwoPercentMilk&16.png TwoPercentMilk. The main feature of the zone, it's tree farm, is very informal, with the trees being splattered about, with cobblestone surrounding the saplings. This district is not properly connected to the town, requiring you to walk up a hill to get to it.

Nethercube Monument

Picture of the Nethercube Monument at night.

The Nethercube Monument is a monument that was made by getplayerhead.sh?vhsBobby&16.png vhsBobby, and is part of vhsTown, although being a few dozen blocks away. The monument is a tall, eye-of-sauron-like structure, with a cube made of netherrack and glowstone at the top. The four pillars go to the height limit for non-donors, with the cube being in between the top of the four pillars. The monument is tall enough to where you can see it from vhsTown's Residential District.




Hotel Members