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VoxelSniper, or Sniper for short, is a plugin for world editing at a distance.

On MinecraftOnline, use of Sniper is limited to admins.


  • Arrow - replace the targeted block itself
  • Sulphur - place a block on the targeted surface of the block you're facing


  • /v <material> - set the material to place
  • /vr <material> - set the material to replace for /b br and /b dr brushes. To build safely, use /vr 0 so it will replace only air and not existing blocks.
  • /vd - set the data value (aka damage value) for the material to place.
  • /b <brush> - set the brush type. Brush types:
    • /b s - sniper brush, the default. Only one block will be placed or replaced at a time.
    • /b b - ball brush - a sphere of size radius will be placed at the selected point. This is dangerous - generally use ball replace (/b br) instead.
    • /b br - ball replace brush - same as the ball brush above, but will only replace the material selected with /vr within the radius.
    • /b d - disc brush - a disc the size radius will be placed at the selected point. Like ball brush, this is dangerous, and it's preferred to use disc replace (/b dr) instead.
    • /b dr - disc replace brush - same as the disc brush above, but will only replace the material selected with /vr within the radius.
    • /b m - monster brush. Creates a number of mobs at the selected point. Radius is number of mobs to spawn, /v setting is monster name (i.e. Zombie).
  • /b <radius> - set the effect radius for ball and disc brushes. This needs to be specified as well as the brush type.
  • /d - reset all settings to defaults.
  • /u - attempt to undo the last action. Very rarely works - do not rely on this, it will often do even more damage.


Smooth floor / platform

Use /b dr, /b 3, /vr 0, /v glass in conjunction with the arrow tool. Repeated clicks on the edges of the existing platform. Can be used to quickly make a flat glass floating platform or something similar. Use this with water to smooth water over at a distance, or create new one-deep ponds, or to smooth over grass surfaces.

Quickly remove floating trees

Use /b br, /b 5, /vr log, /v0 with the arrow and click on a floating half-cut-down tree mess. This will take the logs out of them and the leaves will fall naturally.


A crowd gathers around a mysterious bedrock block replacing a sign on the Visitor Centre, a protected area.
  • VoxelSniper is known to suffer from an occasional bug where the first click made after warping to a new location in fact takes effect at the player's previous location instead, often leading to all sorts of unpredictable damage at spawn, most notably the stone disc at spawn incident.
    • Mitigation: perform a few clicks with ball-replace (/b br), set to replace air with air only (/vr 0 and /v 0) at the new location before beginning any more serious sniper work.

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