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green_attractions.png Zelda Map 2
Zelda Map 2 01.jpg


Owner getplayerhead.sh?abamacus&16.png abamacus
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?DaAlex135&16.png DaAlex135, getplayerhead.sh?Big_Ol_Sherb&16.png Big_Ol_Sherb, getplayerhead.sh?AdoreKitten&16.png AdoreKitten, getplayerhead.sh?bartek_kx&16.png bartek_kx
Category Attractions
Underground? Partially
Public? Yes
Started 27 November 2021
Completed No
Size north to south 176m
Size west to east 512m
Height >40?m
Coordinates X=18864
Dimension Overworld
Map Link


The Zelda Map 2 is (becoming) an explorable scale model of the NES game The Legend of Zelda, including the Overworld and all dungeons. It is scaled at 1:2, so every square in the game is 2x2x2 blocks in Minecraft.

Online map: https://minecraftonline.com/map/#/18864/64/900/-3/Freedonia%20-%20overworld/World

In-game maps:


This shows areas around the Zelda Map 2 as well; they are planned to be terraformed down to Y=62, to make Hyrule into an island, with some limited terraforming to make the surrounding terrain natural. This being optional, it will probably be saved for last, and may well never be completed. However, there is already a 1-block dividing line, blocking the game-area from the outside; it is a Glass rectangle from Y=6 to Y~70, with a layer of Obsidian at the bottom.

The Zelda Map 2 build also includes the Nether area corresponding to the Overworld borders of the map; some Nether-side tunnels are (to be) part of the "shortcut" tunnels inside the game. The exact same area (1/8th size) in the Nether is also fully encased in Glass (with some Nether Bricks), all the way from Bedrock to Bedrock (top to bottom). It includes a few "floors", and [Lift] signs for travel, including up to the Nether roof, which contains the in-game wall showing the framed maps shown here.



  • planned: road from 17253,2055 extending it out and over several island-bridges out to 18859,916 (2700 blocks)
  • planned: boat route with buoys and lighthouses


  • The top floor (under the roof) is connected to the NHS.
  • The ground floor (Y=33) is connected to the zero-axis road, which goes from 0,0 to the world-border. There is simply as sign for "to Zelda Map 2" at 2325/32/-66.
  • There are [Lift] signs up to the Nether Roof, and the Glass rectangle extends up to Y=137, so it is very easy to spot from a distance. Additionally, on the roof there are numerous Brown and Red Mushrooms for a make-shift mushroom farm.


First image is to assist in placing initial layer of screens, with exact block accuracy. Each "screen" is 32 X ("wide") by 22 Z ("tall"). Colors are faded, but they indicate elevation and some details, described more below. Zelda Map 2 Blueprint 1.png

Second image is for relative elevations (Y axis) of the various screens. Expecting to make artistic modifications later, but this will be the base starting point.

Green is at Y=63, and is mostly Sandstone. Lower levels are Cyan=62, Blue(waterbed)/Purple(dry)=61), and Magenta=60. Higher levels are dull-green at 64-65, then yellow-orange at 66+. All "walls" to generally be 3 blocks taller than ground -- at least 1.5 blocks taller, up to as high as you like.

Zelda Map 2 Blueprint 2.jpg

Third image is the tunnels under the Overworld, which include all tunnels leading to all dungeon entrances, and also the 4-way "Take any road you want" tunnels.

Fourth image is the layers of dungeons 1-6, including the few tunnels underneath them.

Fifth image is the layers of dungeons 7-9, including the few tunnels underneath them.

Sixth image is a close-up of the various statues, trees, and monuments.

Help Wanted

If you would like to contribute to this build, this is an incomplete list of things that we could use help with.

If you wish to help on the project, send a message to abamacus, either with in-game mail or on Discord.

Beacon Pyramid (done)

Most of the minerals were provided by abamacus. AdoreKitten helped mine some of the early resources to fully power the first 4-beacon pyramid. And after only 12 beacons were placed (3 pyramids), a very generous donation by KevinGriffioen fully supplied all remaining beacons needed -- with a bunch left over besides!

Granite (done)

Thanks to AdoreKitten for donating several chests of Bone Blocks, which will allow converting Cobblestone from the worksite into Granite.

Glass (done)

The four borders have glass wall barriers around the entire map, from Y=5 all the way up above the Overworld walls. The perimeter is 1380 blocks, so that was about 24 dubs of Glass.


Both artists to do designs, and artistic advisors to just give feedback. Preferably someone who has played the original game. Tasks include translating the trees, statues, etc into this scale.

(abamacus has previously made a LOZ map on another server, but it was 1:1 scale and mod-blocks were used)

Leaves (done)

Thanks to DaAlex135 for helping bring a large number of leaves to finish the foliage screens.

Green Stone (done)

Mossy Cobblestone for the >12 screens where walls are green rocks - this was the most tedious portion of the Overworld build. Because "mossy" cobblestone and bricks require Vines. And Vines cannot be auto-farmed, nor instant-mined even with an Efficiency V Shears and Haste II. But after a combination of buying from Emerald Mall, paying newbies to mine vines, and just grinding vines for many hours, it was finally completed.


Here is the basic plan:

  • floors. Approximate amounts required:
    • Light Blue Concrete: 3 shulkers
    • Cyan Concrete: 3 shulkers + 3 stacks
    • Green Concrete: 3 shulkers + 3 stacks
    • Black Concrete: 5 shulkers
    • Yellow Terracotta: 8 shulkers
    • Lime Concrete: 9 shulkers + 4 stacks
    • Light Gray Concrete: 13 shulkers
  • Stone Brick walls (mixture of normal, mossy, cracked)
    • each room is 38x2=76 blocks around, and 3 (or 6?) high = 228 (or 456) blocks
    • 236 rooms --> 53808 (or 107616) blocks
    • this is about 62 shulkers; however the majority will be regular Stone Brick which can be place from the stone mined in the location
  • bombed wall tunnels have Cobblestone and Cobblestone Stairs
  • "open" doors are open tunnels
  • "closed" doors are Iron Doors, with MCZ118 triggers
  • maps?
  • compass - map arts?
  • bomb = TNT
  • heart = map arts?
  • triforce - maparts on open trapdoor (2 of same type, rotated)
  • yellow rupees = gold block
  • blue rupees = diamond block
  • statues TBD
  • Might never make these:
    • boss monsters TBD (might never add these; they block paths)
    • old man with writing? would need banner alphabet
    • grumbling moblin?
    • keys?

1 Eagle

17 rooms:

  • 16 Cyan Concrete
  • 1 Black Concrete


  • 12 blue statues
  • 4 cyan statues
  • 117 square blocks

2 Moon

18 rooms:

  • 15 Light Blue Concrete
  • 1 Blue Carpet
  • 1 Black Concrete
  • 1 Red Sand


  • 12 red statues
  • 8 blue statues
  • 100 square blocks

3 Manji

18 rooms:

  • 16 Green Concrete
  • 1 Black Concrete
  • 1 Red Sand


  • 12 red statues
  • 4 green statues
  • 139 square blocks

4 Snake

20 rooms:

  • 18 Yellow Terracotta
  • 2 Black Concrete


  • 12 blue statues
  • 4 yellow statues
  • 116 square blocks

5 Lizard

23 rooms:

  • 20 Lime Concrete
  • 3 Black Concrete


  • 12 red statues
  • 8 lime statues
  • 93 square blocks

6 Dragon

25 rooms:

  • 23 Yellow Terracotta
  • 2 Black Concrete


  • 16 red statues
  • 6 yellow statues
  • 135 square blocks

7 Demon

33 rooms:

  • 27 Lime Concrete
  • 4 Black Concrete
  • 1 Red Sand
  • 1 Green Carpet


  • 20 blue statues
  • 18 lime statues
  • 157 square blocks

8 Lion

25 rooms:

  • 20 Light Gray Concrete
  • 3 Black Concrete
  • 2 Light Gray Carpet


  • 26 blue statues
  • 8 light gray statues
  • 149 square blocks

9 Death Mountain

57 rooms:

  • 45.5 Light Gray Concrete
  • 7.5 Black Concrete
  • 4 Light Gray Carpet


  • 18 light gray statues
  • 6 red statues
  • 304 square blocks

Other Structures

  • MANY torches, to prevent mobs in dungeon excavation
  • 9 Triforce
  • 9 Hearts
  • many doors
  • Tunnels:
    • a: 2,073 x4= 8,292
    • b: 167 x4= 668
    • c: 590 x4= 2,360
  • Dungeon Top Slabs: 25,148 x4= 100,592
  • Dungeon Lava: 681 x4= 2,724


  • used: Cyan, Blue, Green, Yellow, Lime, Light Gray
  • unused: White, Orange, Magenta, Light Blue, Pink, Gray, Purple, Brown, Red, Black

For the "square blocks", I think glazed terracotta

  • colors shown at: 8c9076f0e95fc47c4789d736cf0b1779.jpg
  • all of the matching colors look pretty good
  • this would total up to:
    • cyan: 117 x8= 936 (15 stacks)
    • blue: 100 x8= 800 (13 stacks)
    • green: 139 x8= 1,112 (18 stacks)
    • yellow: 251 x8= 2,008 (32 stacks)
    • lime: 250 x8= 2,000 (32 stacks)
    • light gray: 453 x8= 3,624 (57 stacks)
  • Total terracotta needed: 10,480 (164 stacks)