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Rating System

The Rating system is based on a progressive 3-tiered grading system. If a location is above a certain grade, it earns a star in that category, signifying that it is exemplary or worth a visit in that regard. Stars and grades are subjective to the reviewer.

Tier 1
The first tier provides an overview of the town. It examines the build quality and styles, as well as taking into account traveler safety, infrastructure (such as maps or roads), and other features that enhance the town.

Tier 2
The second tier looks at the inner workings of the town. Things like farms, community involvement, history, and residency are taken into account. Smaller details like interior work, signage, secret features may also be considered.

Tier 3
The third tier deals with the sum of the first two tiers and the overall feel of and opinions regarding the town. Unique features that make the location stand out, potential thematic elements, and other reasons why one should visit. This concludes the review by offering any final opinions and judgement.


Review Template (draft)

Pink Nexus

Red Nexus

Orange Nexus

Yellow Nexus

Lime Nexus

Light Blue Nexus

Blue Nexus

Purple Nexus

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