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green_cities.png Barrow
Barrow New Clock.png

View from the Railroad

Founder Ken_the_Fox
Contributors _Daata
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south ~1000m
Size west to east 250m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-2222
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Barrow is a city in the far south of the world in Freedonia. Barrow is the capital city of Alaska. Barrow is planned to expand rapidly outward. Boasting Tall Skyscrapers and grand public buildings and expansive swaths of apartments and houses with a early modern late industrial American city design. Barrows aspirations is to become the New York of Freedonia boasting the grandest structures and best infrastructure on the server.

Quick Facts

  • Barrows Population as of writing is 16
  • Barrow was founded on August 13th 2020
  • The tallest building in barrow is the Empire State Building topping out at 248 Y-Level
  • Barrows Founder, Mayor and Owner is Ken_the_Fox
  • Barrow is located in a Snowy plains biome predominantly.

A Brief History

Barrow Without Builds
Barrow at Founding
Barrow as of April 18th 2021

Barrow was Founded By Ken_the_Fox on August 13th 2020 After he got bored with his old town New Wood. So ken traveled south to a snow biome he was thinking of building a town on the coast months prior. the first build was the town square the center on the town located on the barrow river delta. Barrow Rapidly expanded after that building medium density Housing and Shops. After a month of building Barrow was put on hold and Ken_the_Fox moved to his new town Nan Madol and later went on hiatus until early Feb 2021. In the days before the update Ken_the_Fox Moved back to the World Border region in preparation for the large sustained player influx of the incoming 1.12.2 update (Which proved false). After a few days after the 1.12.2 Update Ken_the_Fox moved back to Barrow and expanded it again. Now Building the Barrow art gallery, the Flatiron Building and the Clock Plaza Tower. Plus Barrow now had a unified plan for streets and houses. Barrow is now planned to take up around 1/4 of the biome it sits in. Nowadays Ken_the_Fox only builds Within Barrow and is now Working on the Barrow Riverside mall. On April 24th 2021 Barrow was upgraded its status from a Town to a City. _Daata is the first outsider to be on the building perms list in Barrow and has so far built several shells of apartment blocks around the city. As of May 19th 2021 Barrow is still expanding and is thinking about a temporary nexus station before the main underground transport hub is constructed for ease of access for builders when they make the list. As of August 2021 Ken_the_Fox Has Built the Empire State Building in the new Downtown district in barrow and has continued expanding the shops and apartment buildings in the city. Nexus has been denied for now until the city can grow enough.

Barrow as of August 3rd 2021

City Planning


The Buildings of Barrow are and will be medium to high density housing and shops closely packed together. The buildings are built with materials 100% from The Iron Reef. The Style of the city is in Traditional Architecture only.

Street layout

The street Layout is a Random grid built organically throughout the cities existance


The districts of barrow will be established when the area that will become a district is fully or mostly built out and the streets named


Empire State Glow.png Barrow Skyline Aug 2021.png Barrow Skyhigh.png

2020-08-14 01.12.06.png Empire State At Night.png Barrow Town Center.png

Future Builds

Planned builds include

  • Barrow seaport
  • Housing
  • Barrow Grand library and University campus
  • Union Station
  • Bridges across Barrow river and Icy Reach River
  • B.A.R.T
  • Satellite Towns and Suburbs
  • Barrow Public Museum
  • Barrow Performance center
  • City Hall
  • Alaska National Capital

And much more!

Notible Places

  • Visitor center
  • Town Hall
  • Barrow Town Plaza
  • Clock Plaza Tower
  • Barrow Riverside Mall
  • Market on Market Street
  • Empire State Building
  • Archway Park
  • Central Park
  • Barrow Harbor Bridge