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User _Daata

Skin outdated

Known as Daata
Gender Male
Location Nova Scotia
Nationality Canadian
DOB 2005-05-16
In Freedonia
First joined 07 July 2020
First building FX Compound
Kit level **** Gold
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Before Minecraft Online _Daata first discovered in March 2020, via a YouTube video uploaded by YouTuber Mines. He logged on for the first time, where he received his first warning from WaffleNomster and settled in a half-finished hut outside EastAustania. However, at the time, he refused to play on the PC version of the game permanently and preferred to stick to his 'roots', playing on Legacy Console versions of the game, (XBOX360/ONE). In the time he played on console edition, he became known in the small remaining redstone communities for his outrageously large creations and contributions to the Redstone Computing on the platform. Finally, fed up with the lack of command blocks, and not wanting to use the abomination that is Bedrock Edition, he began playing on the Java Edition of the game. There, he mostly played single-player. Online play at this time was something only done when playing with friends. Fortunately, Daata was prescribed a healthy dose of the YouTube algorithm with a re-recommendation of the MinecraftOnline video by Mines. He logged on and restarted his adventures.

Server History

The history of _Daata on MinecraftOnline is complex. For your information and reading pleasure, events have been divided and put into corresponding order. You may also notice a, *REDACTED* every once and a while. This is either controversial, undetermined, or information that has not been fact-checked. For more information contact Daata.

The Great Revival

And so began the revival period of Daatas history. He began taking the rules seriously and learnt how to use commands, nexus, and other useful tips and tricks. Revisiting his incomplete hut, he established the first building in his soon-to-be town. After learning to make a craftbook cobblestone generator, he constructed a church entirely of cobblestone on a hill. Realizing that it could become something bigger, he continued to expand his private town, naming it the FX Compound. With expansion came a need to connect to a road network, and unfortunately, a grave mistake was committed. The second and final warning of Daata was giving by Void42_ after he attempted to fix the symmetry of a Freedonia highway to fit the look of his road. The interaction was very pleasant, and he was mostly unfazed by this event. The expansion continued resulting in the construction of a cobblestone castle and the idea of statehood.

The Paranoia Downfall

Since joining, Daata was very much a neutral player on the server with no friends nor foes. Though, at this point, you could say that he launched his downfall as a player, as his mentality towards the server changed. His compound became bigger and most likely out of frustration from players killing and robbing his base, he set out to defend it. And defend it he did. He set up walls around most of his base, false signage leading away from his base, and even began surrounding nearby houses with blocks to prevent unwanted expansion. It was surely a time of paranoia and to say it was outrageous would be an understatement.

The Gàidhealtachd Revival

After tirelessly defending his compound, Daata took a break from the server. The first of many to come. He came back with vigour and began a crusade. A crusade to spread his dying native tongue of Gaelic through a Minecraft server! Wait... what?? He established the town of New Breton - Gàidhealtachd in a remote 'Highland' region of Freedonia. It was complete with a traditional architectural style and culture stones with Gaelic text inscribed. This base was open to the public, the first and only other resident being Steppenwolf. Once Steppenwolf arrived in the town, he established a home and the Darksied Industrial District. However, after an unknown incident, Steppenwolf quit the server and Daata quit working on the town.

The Rise and Downfall of Austania Nova

At this point, Daata had felt like he had nowhere to belong on the server, even though he owned 2 towns. He turned back to his FX Compound and decided after another short break to open it to the public. It would be renamed Austania Nova. Daata built more infrastructure than ever such as rail, highway, and nexus pads, expanded plots along with it. Yet, very few were interested in his obscure town. Daata requested a nexus link on account that he 'met the requirements' and had 'already built the nexus pads'. He was denied. He then went on to build megastructures such as the Phexa and a Slow Riot park to impress the admins. To no avail. Growing frustrated, Daata abandoned the town and sold it in a fit of anger to a new user named Chipoff.

The Tundra Revival

After another break, Daata returned. With his failure behind him, he packed his things and headed for the tundra. He would go on to build the most elaborate base yet, complete with auto-sorters, auto-smelters, and auto-farms. It was truly a spectacle and left him enthusiastic and full of hope. He began trusting in the server again, leaving all his chests unlocked and his base open. Daata became close with people such as EastDakota, helpimdeadinside, Aziroeth, 4untochrist and yourshadowdr. He started the [MiniModding of Daata] and was quickly recommended to apply by Void42_. A short while later, Daata now had a blue name and was promoted to [moderator] alongside his friend EastDakota.

It was truly a magic experience! All the struggles of the past felt as if they were gone! A new beginning for.. and.... oh no.........

The Epic Downfall

Shortly after his promotion, Daata realized that this was not the position for him. He was over his head and did not want to disappoint his fellow staff members. Losing his enthusiasm, he began to use his new moderator abilities to stick up for friends. He would poke his nose into drama, especially regarding *REDACTED*. He was demoted from his moderator position only 10 days after receiving it. Daata was most furious about how these events played out, mostly due to a series of real-life events corresponding with those in-game. He started being rude to all players on the server including his friends, which caused him to be the target of more robbing of his still unlocked chests, especially those by *REDACTED*. Daata would go on to get banned from the Minecraft Online Discord and the Wiki. At the advice of some players, he took a long break once again.


Daata has since returned to the server and been unbanned from the Wiki. There is no further information.