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green_monuments.png Battlefield
2019-03-05 17.12.32.png

A picture of the memorial from outside

Owner Unknown
Category Monuments
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 14 November 2010
Size north to south 150m
Size west to east 150m
Height 50m
Coordinates X=-3501
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Battlefield is a memorial, erected after the first Ghast War. This event took place at Power Plant, which was under construction by ampqre at the time. The powerplant has lain abandoned ever since the Ghast War, standing unfinished in the skyline.


The signs inside the memorial read:

"Claimed for the honor of the Republic!" "This warzone is now a subdivision of Dial Republic" "It has been annexed in the name of expansion" "The beast may wage this endless war" "But we shall fight them until our final breath" "We can rest easy now in the embracing arms of death" "All manner of monster descended upon this Hill" "Yet our valiant soldiers, kept fighting still" "Alas our loss was not in vain As we won this with great pain" "Ghastwar 14th November 2010 Never Forget."

Wall of Heros:

Warp history

The warp has now been removed in a warp clearup by SlowRiot, much to the annoyance of thesprazzler as he was just building a very impressive vault there. Anyway, it was made after (as said above) the first Ghast War. The ghast war was due to a fault allowing tons of ghasts into the normal world. A huge battle between the players and the mobs ensued.