Empire City

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green_cities.png Empire City
Empire City Night.png

Empire City at night

Founder getplayerhead.sh?RosiestOcean115&16.png RosiestOcean115
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Anubis773&16.png Anubis773
getplayerhead.sh?lukemaster60&16.png lukemaster60
getplayerhead.sh?nono24299&16.png nono24299
getplayerhead.sh?GSKILL_24&16.png GSKILL_24
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=16003
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Empire city was created by getplayerhead.sh?RosiestOcean115&16.png RosiestOcean115. This city was built east of the map of Freedonia, the city is new and in full development

The beginning

Empire city is a small town that is located to the east on the map of Freedonia. In the beginning, getplayerhead.sh?RosiestOcean115&16.png RosiestOcean115 had to travel a very long time by boat before finding the location of Empire City, at the time there was no extension of the Nexus yet.

Empire city

Empire city constantly has construction projects, the problem that slows down these projects is the big lack of resources. The projection towards the future of Empire City is very ambitious, it may be able to become a very big city. Next to the Nexus Borderlands Hub - East (Orange) 3 the city stretches from the sea, through the mountains to the river that divides the plain in two In Empire City there are two districts that separate the city in two:

  • The Downtown (plain)
  • The Hightown (mountains)

The city is the capital of the Colainsky Peninsula, has all the economic and political seats.


The rules of Empire City are the same as on the rest of the server:

  • Don't griefing
  • Public build isn't allowed, if you want build, please ask to getplayerhead.sh?RosiestOcean115&16.png RosiestOcean115 with /msg or /mail (when he don't connect to server).
  • If you build without permission, your build will be AUTOMATICALLY DESTROYED
  • You can cut trees in forest without replanting them.
  • All the lighted area around Empire City, belongs to the city, so it is forbidden to build on all the lighted area without having the permission of getplayerhead.sh?RosiestOcean115&16.png RosiestOcean115


Town Center

Empire City Map 2.png

Empire City has several districts, they are for the moment temporary and will be modified according to the constructions.

  • DownTown
  • Hill Town
  • Lower Hill Town
  • Porte de Mesrine
  • UA District
  • High Town
  • Northern District
  • Southern District
  • Eastern District
  • Western District
  • District of South Hill of Empire City
  • Residential District
  • Freedange


South Empire City

Country Territory

Empire City Map Country Territory.png

USEF is an organization of cities, regions or countries in eastern Freedonia. The capital is Empire City. These are the state borders of Empire City. The purpose of the USEF is to create a great nation and to build various towns in eastern Freedonia.



In Empire City you can find different houses of server players:

Principals Buildings

In the city there are several important buildings.


getplayerhead.sh?RosiestOcean115&16.png RosiestOcean115 and getplayerhead.sh?Anubis773&16.png Anubis773 are allied in order to bring together Empire City and Mount Pespla to have common commitments within the server. These treaties were signed in the Pesplian Dungeon, where getplayerhead.sh?RosiestOcean115&16.png RosiestOcean115 has construction projects in sight.


  • Empire City has a Nether Portal that connects it to Snowdonia, Silverton and Bedgeton, making it easy to move between cities.
  • One of the first constructions in the city is the road that connects the city to the Nexus Borderlands Hub - East (Orange) 3. The city is therefore connected to the rest of the server.
  • The Highway A1 which connects the nexus to the city, it should be further extended to serve the region.

Future Projects

Empire City has many enterprising projects that push to develop the city within the server.

Future Buildings

  • Finishing Le Concorde is a very important project for the city because it will be a place of exchange for Empire City and its allies.
  • The TV tower that is under construction now.
  • The skyline will be the symbol of the city, a number of skyscrapers will emerge, some are already under construction like Le Concorde.

Future Infrastructures

  • Light up the whole area around the city to delimit it.
  • A fortification all around will be built to create a future border.


Accept new canditatures to join the city in order to develop it more easily within the server.