Fake Nether

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green_landscapes.png Fake Nether

A view from inside the Fake Nether.

Owner Admins
Category Landscapes
Underground? Yes
Size north to south 79m
Size west to east 79m
Height 74m
Coordinates X=4092
Dimension Overworld
Settlement NewAtlanta
Map link

"The fake nether is a piece of shit." -getplayerhead.sh?chivalrousWeasel&16.png chivalrousWeasel

Before the addition of the real nether to the Freedonia world on 18 June 2011 after the 1.6 update, a fake nether was created under NewAtlanta. For some time this was the only source of glowstone, soul sand, and netherrack, and it was regularly re-stocked and re-modeled by the server Admins. Due to the scarcity of glowstone, the fake nether became a dangerous place after a re-stock, being suddenly filled with armed players fighting to the death on perilously high platforms.

This original fake nether has since been removed.

"fake nether ftw" -getplayerhead.sh?okoshima&16.png okoshima

Fake Nether Is Reborn!

As of the 1.3 update, players going to the nether has occasionally caused the server to crash. Therefore a fake nether was created by the Chibi company which is run by getplayerhead.sh?FlyingJellyfish&16.png FlyingJellyfish. The entrance is situated just West of the Central Nexus. It is currently home to many zombie pigmen.

This fake nether is not located under NewAtlanta, unlike the original.

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