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green_towns.png Aquaton

From the hill overlooking the town hall

Founder ScreamingGamer
Contributors CrazyLep, DylanheBuilder, kev_theonly, lealmilano, ScarClaw72 and other 74 players
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Size north to south 241m
Size west to east 343m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-1331
Dimension Overworld
Map link


Aquaton is a town founded by ScreamingGamer on June 1st of 2018. It is located on the road heading south from CosmicCity and arriving at the MagnaIsle province that ScarClaw72 built back in CosmicCity's early days. ScreamingGamer built the town with the intent of creating a new location for Freedonians to stay and build homes.

ScreamingGamer: "I thought of instead having people fight through the lag and mobs, they could come here and have an easy start to the server. That was the idea anyways. But to do that I needed some people to help me. That's why if you look in the Citizens section (below), you can see everyone who contributed to this village"

You can take anything you need straight from the town hall, or you can start from scratch and build a house right inside the loving walls of Aquaton. If you are new to the server or want to go to Aquaton, go to the nexus warp in the helpers center, its the gold block platform. Then go to nexus south, then go to the Cosmic city warp, and head south from there. You will see signs pointing you in the right direction. When you arrive, please put a sign with your nickname on a wall near entrance gates. Another possible way to find Aquaton is to ask in chat for help. This is where FHE and Gayton were founded in result of the "Aqua Snake War." snakyman still maintains that Aquaton is bad.

"Aquaton is bad" snakyman, many times

Enjoy your stay.

If you have any Questions about Aquaton, please contact ScreamingGamer, his assistant CrazyLep or any moderators that happen to be online.

Population: 80


1. No Griefing!
2. No Stealing!
3. No Fighting!

5. Every new citizen can take three diamond things from Diamond Storage for free. Only three! You have to pay for more.
6. Player counts as a citizen since he has put a sign on a Wall of Citizens. If he hasn't, he is NOT a citizen.

7. Everybody can build his house anywhere inside the loving walls of Aquaton.
8. Everybody can use everything that is marked as "public"
9. Everybody can use CrazyLep's AFK skeleton farm
10. Any of the citizens can break or edit a building (inside the walls!) if it doesn't have a sign saying that it is private. If moderators say that you are not allowed to do it, show them this page.
11. If you make a house, put a sign saying that it is yours. Otherwise, any of other citizens has permission to break or edit it.
12 there is no number 4
13 you checked to see if there was indeed no number 4


- ScreamingGamer
- CrazyLep
- lealmilano
- DylanheBuilder
- TurtleCobra
- ScarClaw72
- LucaTheHispanic
- Grand_architect
- YaboiSuper
- B1rbo
- kev_theonly
- TheIronMan0721
- bird_png
- tinysnufflecat
- wolfshadow1821
- Zistigy
- LiamHS
- HappyGriefer
- Zeverous
- Eleemosynary
- BGES2003
- Starcubed
- thiccboiXD
- SidedSuns
- alexaltyer
- Kev_theonly
- C0rrier
- FlyingZombie999
- KolteinB
- clootgoong
- 14Hero23brine25
- MOTOGamer9000
- Robomarston
- Tanktj
- SkyboundsFish
- InnocentEllie
- APsychoPuppet
- IAmDeans
- XpressTrain
- Dr_Lawrence
- ReintheDoc
- Vandomas
- RayIsDed
- Highscore
- TotallyNotEverrr
- FireAndSteel
- FootballDemon64
- haydengrant
- Timestoppa
- spoonsation
- pieissky
- 240_rob
- Loopyy
- ThomasAPY
- Eufijidius
- zacwb
- Ger_
- BlauRPS
- RubicBlock4Life
- LegoStarWars2002
- Dread_Nova
- Banjo_567
- Kaden7722
- KCoyote123
- Netrom5
- Morrowen
- Norbert011
- Otis_Wong
- Awreh
- borgsy2
- SilverFang99
- x71x
- KCoyote123
- Norbert011
- FatCatFish190
- Slime_tiger
- TechChris22
- Playper
- _MaximumTroll_
- cobjawz21


1. Aquaton started from category "village". Now its in category "town".

2. There was a charged creeper, a gift from Aquaton gods... he is gone now...

3. A place where Aquaton started from is now called "North Aquaton" or "Business District"

Photos ScreamingGamer by the front gate.

A view of the village's early days from just outside the entrance.

A view of the village's after 12 days from just outside the entrance.

View of the Business District and Town Hall, also called as North Aquaton

View of the Central Aquaton

View of the East Aquaton

View of the West Aquaton