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User Smudja

Custom Green Samurai, by theschlozmeister

Location United Kingdom
DOB 1775-06-26
In Freedonia
First joined 17 July 2013
First building Babby Shack in Skyline
Kit level * Wood
Legacy donor level * Wood
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How did they get here?

They were introduced to the server by theschlozmeister in July 2013, and have done suprisingly little of note since.

What have they built?

The Fulcrum, as of 1st October 2022.

Three Biomes Divide

A small village suburb of Skyline. So named as a reference to a town of the same name in Borderlands 2, a game thoroughly enjoyed by Smudja. Features a magnificent Skyrim-themed town hall, lighthouse, dock and many more public buildings. As with any project Smudja starts, most of the hard work was soon delegated to theschlozmeister and thesprazzzler and their invaluable mod/donor powers, though Three Biomes Divide still remains a "labour of love" very close to Smudja's heart.

The Igloo

An igloo built from snow and white stained glass. Currently serves as Smudja's main base. Features an automatic door built by 00Greenwood, a half-complete sorting and storage system, a smelting array, an automatic chicken farm, and a secret head hall chronicling all the bans made by Smudja during their stint as Moderator.

Torre de la Profecía

A grand three-tower structure located a short walk from the gatehouse in Tenrou.

The Fulcrum

An island complex featuring towers, landscaped gardens, and a grand fountain. Located just off the coast from the city of Yumenes. Currently serves as the home of the Academy of Chartered Geomests. Inspired by the training academy of the orogenes in N.K. Jemisin's Broken Earth trilogy.

A Long and Uninteresting History

After deciding their first shack needed an upgrade, Smudja, with help from theschlozmeister, set about building a "secret" headquarters underground with the shack to be the entrance. The large amounts of land excavation, combined with Smudja short attention span, led to this project being quickly abandoned in favour of a new project; the first iteration of their dream build to be known as Three Biomes Divide.

In order to make this dream a reality, crystalriver kindly donated a plot of land to get the project off the ground and construction began well, with Smudja actually creating 5 buildings in the new town without getting bored! It was to later transpire that the location of this town was too far away from the nearest warp and so, not wanting to waste their valuable and already overstretched time on a fruitless endeavour, Smudja decided to enlist theschlozmeister to aid them in transferring the whole town to a spot outside Skyline for easy access to its new warp.

However, as with every project undertaken by Smudja, this project too was soon scrapped and construction began on a permanent home and base of operations in Skyline, becoming the first major building they were ever to complete. Smudja's home in Skyline.

In addition to this build, they also built a safe house in an undisclosed location to protect themself from the unwarranted attacks from numerous members of the server aristocracy. Smudja in their safe house.

Jealous of the single gold star preceding their name, yet again the server aristocracy attempted to corrupt Smudja by dragging them into the cesspool that is being a moderator on 22nd September 2015...
Their reign as moderator ended on 6th October 2019.