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Organisations InfraDelta
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InfraDelta headquarters at The Phexa

Leadership DaataFX
Headquarters Unknown
Public? Invite Only
Status Unknown

Ovis Aries
San Freedonia

InfraDelta is a road infrastructure company for Freedonia and is committed to helping players travel our vast breathtaking and world. Our roads spread far across the map, from rural sites and structures that have never before been accessible for foot traffic, to large metropolitan areas that are lacking adequate networks. We are here, and will always be here, to help Freedonia get around! Our leadership currently consists of one brave and carpel tunnel filled boy, DaataFX, who is committed to bringing quality roads at a rapid rate. Our team of builders and planning staff is always looking for new members. Simply contact DaataFX to inquire into becoming a member.

Routes and Roads

At InfraDelta, we strongly believe that our roads maybe some of the finest in Freedonia. We take special steps to ensure safety and reliability on our roads. Our roads are recognizable by their standard spruce and cobblestone design and distinctive signage. You may also notice that some of our roads are public and some are commissioned. We are the only company in Freedonia to offer commissioned road construction, (under Commissioned Construction).


  • Green lines on the maps are considered to be "Rural Routes". These areas are 3-wide and are generally ripe for new construction and are packed with the vast wilderness of Freedonia.
  • Blue lines on the maps are considered to be "Main Routes". These routes are 4-wide and are generally densely occupied by structures and are constructed in urban areas less suited for new players, but still accessible to experienced ones.

Commissioned Construction

InfraDelta offers commissioned construction of roads to the players of Freedonia. We offer this since we know that some people are desperately needing infrastructure in their area. Commisioned construction means roads that are constructed by request from a certain point to another. Cost varies drastically depending on many factors. The most common factors are length, population density, terrain height, and bodies of water. If you would like to request a commission and a quote, please contact DaataFX via Discord.


Connecting and Altering Roads

As a company in Freedonia, we understand how the strict griefing rules are here to protect each and everyone player. However, InfraDelta has much more open policies surrounding grief. They are the following

  • Any person or player can connect their structure or home to the InfraDelta network, regardless of the road status as public or commissioned. Note that roads may not be connected to the network (roads being paths that are longer than 100 blocks).
  • Structures are permitted to be built above and under a road, as long as the structure provides a clearance of 3.5 blocks above the surface of the road and leave at least two blocks for 3-wide routes, and one block for 4-wide routes of clearance on both sides of the road.
  • Due to server policy and staff notifications, no part of the road that was not created by the player attempting to connect to the route shall be broken or altered in any way. This includes slabs and surrounding crafting tables, chests, furnaces and torches. InfraDelta will never take action on players that commit such acts, however, server staff may.
  • Any roads connected to InfraDelta roads will automatically be added to our network and maintenance catalogue. This means that all roads within 100 blocks of an InfraDelta road that have been attached by outside players to one of our roads will automatically give us the right to edit, widen, alter, change the look of the road in question. This policy also includes signage, which is standard across InfraDelta. We may need to replace or relocate signage that has been created to suit our companies standards.

*IMPORTANT!!! If any structure, home, or road is being connected to an InfraDelta route, a universal permission sign stating "InfraDelta Permission" must be written and placed near the connection in question. These signs are to be placed by the player connecting their road and will be destroyed during maintenance by InfraDelta workers. Note that the permissions stated above will still apply and edits may still be made by our builders.

Failure to abide by any rules in this section will not be dealt with by InfraDelta and not intentionally reported to staff. However, staff may decide whether a player has violated their rules and dictate a consequence themselves. If staff are not aware of the policies in this section, please contact DaataFX via Discord.

Commisioned Roads and Payments

  • Payment for commissioned roads may be paid in several ways. The first being by transfer between two players who are online. This may only be done through chests at spawn or chests within a warp or nexus warp. The second method applies when a member of InfraDelta is not online. A chest may be left outside of the Phexa building, (location available on map), covered with a block and with a permission sign next to the chest.
  • Payment must not be substituted in any way and must be exactly what was asked of InfraDelta.
  • Payment must be delivered via one of the two options above within 2 weeks (IRL), of the commissioned road completion. It must also be delivered in a lump sum.

Failure to abide by any rules in this section will not be dealt with by server staff or administration but will be taken strongly upon the hands of InfraDelta. Consequences include repeated murder, destruction of local infrastructure, light harassment, and strong annoyance. These are necessary measures to ensure that no scamming occurs and will immediately cease once full payment is delivered.